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April 14, 2003

Call the meeting to order


Secretary's Report:

Treasurer's Report:

Committee Report:


Old Business:

   1. Alumni Address - How many do we have in?

   2. Any other Old Business


New Business:

   1. Walk for Diabetes

        A. May 10th

           1. Amanda will deliver envelopes to Elementary School by April 23.

           2. Sarah will do advertising

           3. Signup to work

           4. Get donations for pop and water: Carly

           5. Contact Sheriff's office and Ambulance Service: Markie

   2. State Meeting

        A. April 24-26

        B. Bus will leave 7:00 AM for High School

           1. Be there by 6:45 AM to load the bus

        C. Preprofessional Dress - No blue jeans for any sessions

           1. Dressy clothes for Awards Night

           2. The Radisson is highly air

              Conditioned in their meeting rooms

        D. You will attend all sessions that you are scheduled for

        E. We still need three chaperones

           1. Any parents or grandparents, or

              Older responsible siblings

        F. Highlights for the meeting

           1. Great Speakers

           2. Tonic SolFa is back!!

           3. SOS Players

           4. DJ Dance on Friday following awards

           5. Silent Auction - neat baskets to bid on

        G. Bus will return to Graceville around 3:30 PM

        H. Basket for Silent Auction

        I. Proposed Constitutional Changes

   5. Dates to put on your calendar

      April 24-26 State meeting

      May 12 Awards Night

      July 5-10 National Meeting in Philadelphia

      July 21-24 Leadership Camp