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Well, here it is! She's a year old!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone! It feels like just yesterday that we were bringing our little "Roo" home for the very first time!
We had a party for Kendall's first birthday Nov. 1st at the Golden Corral. We had lots of cake and ice cream and opened presents. Kendall was a little unsure about all the attention and cried a bit but after a while she decided it wasn't so bad after all and joined in on the fun.

Here is a pic of Kendall's very first birthday cake. We had it made at Kroger
It was a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and it had her 1 yr birthday picture on the top of it.

Mammaw Williams made a little cake for Roo to have some fun with.
She was a little unsure but daddy helped her figure it out.

Then it was time for the presents!! Kendall got so many neat gifts! People had asked what they should get for Roo for her birthday and I had suggested a new array of toys to help with her therapy! Well all of Roo's friends and family came thru with flying colors! She got 4 different sets of Peek a blocks, a Get up & Bounce Tigger, a SUPER neat Elmo video and CD so she can dance (she loves it!), A neat little flutter bee crawl toy that she likes to chase around. Our WONDERFUL friends the Haigerty's (Irene, Joe, Josh & Aden..*roo's little internet boyfriend*) got Kendall the Leap Frog Learning Table which she ABSOLUTELY LOVES!! That night, Kendall STOOD at that table and played for over 2 hours!  
Here are some pics of Roo while she opened her gifts.

Everyone had a great time at the birthday party and we got to see friends and family we hadn't seen in a long time.

Here's Roo's Godmother Andi!!                  Here's Roo's Aunt Brenda!!
                                  (do you see Irene WAY back there!!)

Here's Roo's Mammaw & Pappaw  Williams, Uncle Charlie & Aunt Lyda.

Thank you to .....

Aunt Brenda, Uncle Mark, Brandy & Sydney
Andi, Joey, Korah, Dakota, & Talon
Aunt Debbie & Blaine
Sabrina, Ben, & Kris
Irene & Aden
Mammaw & Pappaw Williams
Uncle Charlie & Aunt Lyda
Sissy Sara, Bubby Colton
& Jen, Miranda, Mykael & Nykolas for helping me so much this weekend!!

For  joining us in celebrating Kendall's first birthday!! And a very special THANK YOU to all of our special friends on the AUTUMN ARRIVALS 2002 board for being such a wonderful playgroup and such great friends !

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet baby Roo!!

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