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Welcome to our little home on the web anyway! We're mighty glad you decided to drop in and hope you enjoy your visit. You'll have to excuse our simplicity, see'in as we're pretty new to all this new fangled high tech stuff. Our site may not have all them  fancy "bells & whistles", but it's got horses....Lots & lots of horses!
All of the horses you will see on this page have called C & W Ranch, home at one time or another. Some have moved on to greener pastures and some are still busy eating our pastures, but one thing is for sure... Every horse that has grazed our pastures is the picture of health and soundness!
Here at the C & W Ranch, we take pride in our stock. All of our mares, studs, yearlings and weanlings have regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, wormings & farrier visits. We enforce a strict dietary regimine with our stock (aside from the occasional treat here and there)
that has proven to produce truly healthy beautiful animals!
Members of the AQHA & the FQHA, we have made it a practice to breed for a particular style of  horse. We select our studs based on favorable traits that we believe will compliment the mares attributes and produce good, sound foals.
Registered or unregistered, C & W Ranch stands behind every horse it sells. Our grade stock may not have papers but they have heart and are guaranteed to give their all under the saddle on the trail or in the arena.
For pleasure or performance.... you just can't go wrong!

"God first made man,
He thought better of it and made Woman,
When he had time he made the horse...
Which has the courage and spirit of  man
and the beauty and grace of woman."

~ Brazilian saying

Below are just a few pics of some of our stock. More pics coming soon !!!
Click on outlined images for a larger view !!!

                                Sundown Cindy                                                                         JC Two Eyed Poco

                                Flying Rebel Lady                                                                       Talon - SOLD !

                            Lonesome's Little Buck                                          Eclipse of Majic (aka...Diablo) - SOLD !!

Dude of Two Eyed Jack (aka...Pockets)

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