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STARS 4 AYLA -- Pop, Chill, Dance, Trance, Rock, ASCENSION, Love Zone, Deeper, Infinite Bliss, Stars 4 Ayla, Stars for Ayla, Pop, Trance, Dance, Rock, R&B, Mythical Goddess, Cosmic Angel, Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Female Vocalist, Voice Coach

* S T A R S * 4 * A Y L A *

Up-coming CD on Starsong Music & Entertainment Label.

Styles: Pop, Trance, Dance, Chill, Alternative, R&B

Relaxing at the beach is one of Teresa's favorite activities. She ponders if the ocean really birthed all life, like some theorize. Her musical journey feels as endless as the perpetual rhythm of the frothy waves. It's here that she began birthing a new sound. From deep within her soul it began. To the world it is destined.

STARS for AYLA is a project by Teresa, a multi-talented artist whose resume includes film, television, theater, dance, radio, and music. With new screenplays, books, and her highly-anticipated debut album STARS 4 AYLA getting ready for production, Teresa is poised to fulfill her musical dreams. After writing songs for a half-a-dozen years with five-time grammy-winning producer, Narada Michael Walden, Teresa was inspired to pursue her own CD. Her upcoming songs, like Infinite Bliss, Ascension, & the Love Zone will absolutely mezmerize you. Just a taste of what this multi-faceted woman is capable of. An accomplished singer, songwriter, dancer, TV personality, writer, director, producer, and actress, Teresa has developed her talent into a dynamic force. She’s ready to go all the way with her songs which have irresistible hooks & grooves. Musicians, engineers, producers, & other music pros are encouraged to contact Teresa for collaboration.


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