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This page has been created in memory of my sister 

Amanda Elizabeth Gapinski.

May 26, 1979-September 26, 1999


Amanda was definitely a free I am sure you will see as you read some of the stories that have been collected here. Amanda was always very vocal about what she liked and especially about what she didn't like. She was passionate about working with "her seniors" and she loved having fun and being the center of attention!

This is one of her many "poses" and it is only fitting that she appears to be smiling up at the angels. This picture was taken September 3, 1999 at Brian and Gina's rehearsal dinner in Sacred Heart Church. This was Amanda's third time being a bridesmaid that year and she was loving it!

One card sent by a friend had a touching thought to ponder:

"A life so young released to heaven...Left on Earth, we wonder 'Why?'

But some are sent among us briefly..Some spirits are meant to fly."

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