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New layout finally up!

Well, the new layout is finally up and somehow i've managed to learn html codes and java scripts...not that well, but enough to make this. Not that great yet, but its slowly getting there.

There isnt much other news that I can write about in here. There's other places to read stuff, so yeah go do that and don't waste time on the news page!

4/15 My pager is going off like a monkey's ass and its so annoying. Evan is being weird and so is my mom...that hoe is still not hungry...I've never known someone who takes 6 and a half hours to eat dinner.

Even if she went out...when we spend our sweet time at red lobster...we take a max of like 2 hours...and thats at our favorite resturant. it makes no sense...she's always out now, shes out more than me! gay hoe! Im so hungry...I can't wait until my jello is ready, i think i only have another hour. I made two batches of cookies, funnel cakes, a two layer cake, and jello today...or this night...I wasn't hungry for any of it though :(.