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CC & Jon's Web Page


Chelsie & Jon (2009)

This home page is the "doorway" to our site.
Hi my name is Chelsie and I have Cerebral Palsy.
Jon is my boyfriend, and he has Non- verbal Aspergers Syndrome.
We started this webpage to encourage other handi-capable people,
and let them know never give up on life,
just because you have a disability.
Jon and I live in the Great-Lakes state of
Michigan. We met in High School,
January 18,1994.
Although we've had some up and downs

I wouldn't trade him in for anything.
We love each other very much.

We enjoy hiking in the woods,

and going out to eat at Long John Slivers.

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"Our Only Disability Is Your Attitude

The Autism Awareness Ribbon

The puzzle pattern of this ribbon reflects the mystery

and complexity of autism.

The different colors and shapes represents

the diversity of people and families living with this disorder.

The brightness of this ribbon signals hope

hope through research and increasing awareness in people like you.