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Flash Gordon Cast

Quite a cast. Timothy Dalton and Max Von Sydow are probably the only standouts. The Flash Gordon Movie Site has very entertaining write-ups on all these cast members so the links will take you there. And remember 'this girl is really turning me on'...poor Flash


Sam Jones - Flash


Melody Anderson - Dale Arden


Max Von Sydow - Ming


Timothy Dalton - Prince Barin

Timothy plays Barin probably a little too serious. But it looks like these tree people are a serious bunch.


Brian Blessed - Prince Vultan

While checking out his IMDB listing. He was also the voice of Boss Nass in Episode 1 and he played Lord Locksley in Kevin Costner's Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.


Peter Wyngarde - Klytus

Very cool voice.


Ornella Muti - Princess Aura