These animals are often called "Christmas Pets" since their birthdays make them old enough to be given away as gifts. This isn't always the best gift to give to small children, though, as they are strong-willed, demanding and careful!

The body of the Scorpio pet is long and lean and their walk is completely silent. Sleek is the word that most often comes to mind. Their eyes are constantly in motion and their ears pick up sounds that most other animals miss.

It's not easy to spot a Scorpio pet because they have an uncanny talent for making themselves invisible. These pets don't like being out in the open and are famous for their hiding places. They like privacy and will let you know in no uncertain terms when you've intruded on them. They take a long time to warm up to people and will spend a lot of time watching you before they decide to gradually allow you into their space. They avoid frequent contact with other animals or humans. They'll check on you periodically to make sure all is well, but that's about all they can tolerate. They come into rooms after you've left. They watch you from a hidden corner and if you spot them, they disappear again. But when they finally do make an appearance, they're very loving and intensely curious about you. As youngsters, these pets are likely to get trapped in the most bizarre places and peculiar situations. Hiding around the house is their favorite pastime. They're not above burrowing into the laundry to see what's hidden among the clothes and the shadows. Sitting under stairs and watching - silently - is another favorite childhood game that frequently lingers into adulthood. Look for a strong possessiveness, an intense disposition and a tendency to look you directly in the eyes for long periods of time. You won't win any staring contests with this pet! They don't like being handled and they don't like being the object of anther's curiosity. They're nocturnal hunters and are often the source of "things that go bump in the night". When you investigate, you'll scratch your head and wonder what they were doing to create such a noise. After a while, you'll stop being surprised by the vast array of hunting "trophies" that appear on your doorstep.

The ideal family for a Scorpio pet is either an adult couple with other pets or a small family with other pets to receive the attention the Scorpio can live without. They don't handle small children well, but they will tolerate them as long as they are left alone. These pets don't bond easily with anyone because they are so self-sufficient. They take excellent care of themselves and their survival instincts are impressive. The tales of a cat having nine lives probably began with a Scorpio cat. They need stability on their home environment so they can commandeer a carefully constructed niche somewhere out of sight in the house. These little power pets can survive - and remember - a lot. Their memories are keen and they will remember injuries, accidental or intentional, long after they've healed.

There's something spooky about the way they handle discipline, as if they were absorbing it all and remembering the lesson you're trying to impress on them. A firm but gentle approach is recommended because these are the pets most likely to run away and not return if the punishment is too extreme - and their concept of extreme may be quite different from yours. They instinctively know that their survival doesn't depend on you. More often than not, they will test your limits, so even after the initial disciplining, it's only a matter of time before they do the same thing again - just to make sure you meant what you said the first time. If you don't have a huge supply of patience, this is probably not going to be an easy match. But if you give them what they crave - solitude, privacy, and some room to roam at night - you'll never have problems with them.

Treat Time:
Allowing them to have the space they need is the best gift you can give them. If you try to change them or their selections, they will simply stop cooperating with you until you see their point. The best reward of all is to let them be themselves without your prying into their activities.


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