Libra pets are easy to identify by their charming manners and attractive appearance. They're considered the most gracious pets of the Zodiac!

Look for a well proportioned body that tends toward plumpness. This is because they have a weakness for sweets and treats. Their fur is smooth and always clean and well groomed.

Libra animals prefer to share their space with other animals and humans. They dislike being alone and rarely venture off by themselves. Whether they are dealing with other animals or humans, they generally allow others to share their space and occasionally their food. Their mannerisms are deliberate and graceful, and they lean in close when you speak to them. Their posture tends to be submissive, even when facing you. They always resort to wait and see before they act. They don't act unless they've received permission and will never jump in your lap without knowing whether it's okay to you. They like soft things, shiny things, and colorful things, especially if you're wearing them. What they don't like is a rough, noisy or dirty environment. They have a highly developed sense of smell that translates into very strong likes and dislikes when it comes to certain odors. This may be why the typical Libra pet plays favorites when it comes to humans or animals. They can be very active for long periods of time, then equally inactive for just as long.

They like companionship but are quick to put an end to selfish or insensitive behavior if it goes too far. These pets prefer a posh, even luxurious, existence. They think of themselves as delicate creatures who deserve only the best treatment. Baths appeal to the because of the pampering that accompanies them. They don't even mind being dressed up, including having their nails painted! This is not an active animal. But he/she needs to be exercised regularly, otherwise they will plump up quickly. Avoid giving them too many treats because they don't know when to say "no" and end up with weight and health problems as a result.

The family of a Libra pet should be small and not extremely social because they don't do well with noise. Although they form a close bond with one person at a time, they try to fairly divide the attention they give to any humans and animals in a room by making sure they greet everyone. This is a gracious pet that loves to spend time making you feel loved. Having their own private space is very important but they can not stand cramped quarters so someplace airy and out of the way is ideal. Libra pets enjoy young children but only for short periods of time. Then they feel the need to be with either adult humans or other animals. They don't need a lot of attention but they do need companionship - these are NOT solitary animals that do well alone.

They derive pleasure out of pleasing you but they also demand fairness. If you treat them poorly or inconsistently, you'll end up with an ill-mannered, ill-behaved pet. With a Libra, you definitely reap what you sow. The best discipline for a Libra pet involves being aware of their needs as well as your wants. An even-tempered voice and firm hand gestures are usually only needed a few times before they get the idea.

Treat Time:
These little lovers have an almost an insatiable need for light touches and soft words. Although little treats and special food are also greatly appreciated. They love fresh air so getting them outside to enjoy nature is another winner. They adore being with you so take them along on your travels. Even a ride to the store helps them feel more emotionally secure about their relationship with you. Pampering and special grooming are always a treat so you'll never have to worry about fighting with them to get a bath or getting cleaned up. They prefer things that are soft and colorful, so the best toys for them are made of cuddly fabrics in bright, pretty, or shiny colors.


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