These pets are the first to do everything!

Large attentive eyes and perked up ears are two sure-fire signs of an Aries animal. Don't be surprised if you notice cuts and scratches on your Aries pet. In their quest for top spot, they often have battle scars to show for their efforts.

In a group, these animals often fight for top spot and have no problems stepping up to the challenge of larger or more fierce opponent. The little kitty (or dog) who fiercely fends off a larger predator is an Aries. Aries pets are not shy about asking for attention. They adore being stroked across the head and being treated as if they are the only creature in the world - except you. Because they are always in a hurry, they tend to bound into a room. They also make a big point out of inspecting their surroundings. Like their symbol, the ram, they love to head butt any part of you they can reach. There isn't anything subtle about an Aries pet. They are big protectors of their territory. They have a tendency to show affection for others by nipping! It's important to discourage this behavior early, because if you let it go, it will continue into adulthood. These pets hate feeling dominated and will try to dominate you! If ignored, they get angry.

An Aries pet loves one-on-one games that are reminiscent of the hunt. The more rough and tumble the game is, the harder they play and the happier they are!Aries pets behave childishly when they feel that their needs are being ignored.

The best family for an Aries animal is one who has plenty of time. Aries pets don't always respond well to small children. They're too impatient to tolerate the teasing some kids dish out. It seldom takes more than a few seconds for them to let the child know who's the boss in this house - and they certainly don't think it's the child!

Your Aries pet needs lots of attention as they grow into adulthood but be careful not to spoil them. They won't understand that a decrease in attention or an unaccustomed no when they try to climb all over you is related to their increasing size. They will assume that you don't love them anymore. They are sensitive to sound and frighten easily, so yelling at them will do no good. As youngsters, they may respond to yelling by lunging at you as if you were their opponent. If you raise your voice to loud, they may become afraid of you, but they still won't make the association that your upset at what they did. The best discipline for an Aries pet is a no nonsense approach that is consistent but not loud. They yearn to please you and will happily accept discipline that is not overbearing or painful to the ears.

Treat Time:
They are fond of biting, so chew toys that can take abuse are great rewards. They're favorite place to be scratched is on the head, especially the area above the nose. Hard rubbing and playful teasing are also good things in their list of rewards. You need to give an Aries pet lots of one-on-one attention. In fact, it's a daily requirement! And don't forget to tell them how special and important they are to you. The sound of your happy voice is very important.


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