Bubble's Tale of Woe

Once upon a time there was a young lady called Broken Bubbles who enjoyed getting nicely drunk on her own. After people commenting on how comical she is drunk, she thought it would be a pity to upset these people by not letting them see what happens when she gets wasted on her own. So Miss Bubbles though "Aha! I shall photograph a night of drunkenness, tart the pictures up the next day and make a photostory!" Alas, in her excitement she had quite forgotten how very silly she would look.

Stage 1-

Bubbles mysteriously thought it would be a good idea to paint herself green and prance around looking like a pixie. She had consumed one Bacardi Breezer at this point. Oops.

Stage 2-

Bubbles then mistakenly thought people might want to admire her lovely alcohol stash. "Woo and yay!" She cried upon seeing the Finest French Brandy bottle. She then dumped a couple of shots into a glass of Sprite, being the classy bird she is

Stage 3-

"How perfectly beastly!" Bubbles cried upon spotting yet more breezers. "Oh well.." She frowned and drank a few. She wisely decided to not sign into MSN because talking to drunken people is quite frustrating. Also, she was having issues with motor control and the keyboard was a bit blurry by this point.

Stage 4-

Bubbles was suddenly overwhelmed with love and affection as tipsy people tend to get. She dropped the camera before managing to take a picture proclaiming her love for a forum which is "fuckin' ace, dude!". This message was first written on her skin but she got quite bemused by upside-downly ness and made a couple of scribbles instead.

Stage 5-

Bubbles is unsure why she took this picture. The dog was staring, is that not reason enough? Or perhaps she plans to shoot her own wildlife show.

Stage 6-

Bubbles was suddenly overwhelmed with love for Becky/Gidget and decided to write her a little message on her ankle (ex BShers may understand). However, she was tragically thwarted by the most unlikely of foes, her boots. Not wanting to try and unlace all 14 eyelets after dropping the camera and falling off her seat once, she sensibly settled for photographing her ankle under coverage.

A cunning plan! Bubbles used the paper she had previously written on to write her message to "Bekcy". Feeling artistic, she added an enraged little face. Spelling errors were noticed next morning.

Bubbles got cold and decided to wear her scarf on her head. She then photographed herself looking like a slightly unhinged Peruvian refugee. After dropping the camera twice, Bubbles decided to give up and toddled off to her room to stop making an arse out of herself.

The End