Made using stolen code from the original version which is far superior.

You eat mostly:

I live solely on a diet of super noodles.
Anything vegeterian
I donít eat. Beer is enough for me
I donít eat, I shoot up instead
Meat, lots of it
I try not to eat. I need to lose weight
Iím far too busy watching Rainbow to eat
I like pea and gravy butties!
I wish food was rationed. Then I wouldnít put on so much weight.. *sniff*

So, music. Favourite band?

Why, Placebo of course! 
Malice Mizer. Spooky! 
Oh, Local H, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots...  
Rachel Stamp! 
Well thereís Grandaddy, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds AND Sonic Youth!  
Radiohead, Placebo & The Pixies  
NIN and Marilyn Manson 

A subject you feel strongly about is..

Tall people. Damn them all! 
Beer.. mmm. And coffee 
Drugs and self-harm 
Fight Club, of course. 
Weight and appearance
Almost everything. You bitter person, you
Films. Lots of them!
Finding a partner, and a certain member of the BSH!

Pick a place to live out of these options

A small town in the South
ĎOop North!í
Just outside Glasgow, Scotland
In a galaxy, far far away..
IN Glasgow, Scotland

Whatcha reading?

Anything strange or original
Mostly horror
Pfft, reading is for wimps! I write my own stuff.
I donít read. I prefer to get high
Fight Club!
A Clockwork Orange
Animal Farm was a work of art!
Well, I find the dictionary rather entertaining..
Prozac Nation

You areÖ

A short and strange creature. Some people arenít quite sure youíre normal..
A bored student. Urgh.. 
A beer drinking Private Eye!
A rich, spoilt ladyboy
A Brad Pitt fan, phwoar
An art student. Woohoo
A grumpy young man who loves The Cure
A goth! Argh!
A hard-working doctor. We salute you!