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<< Friends photos
Friends be pretty. I have many, many photos of us. May take time (and much of) to load. Rawr.

Lorna, Jenny K and Sarah

Gary and me.

Lots and lots of people!

Lorna and Jenny.

Lorna looking particularly ferocious

Gary and Lorna looking rather smart

Me, Jenny and Becky at our Valedictory

Becky and Jenny.

Jenny and Hayley

Jenny and Becky at Leeds Festival

Me and Jenny's infamous parody goffick shoot. Don't take it seriously please.

And more goffickness.. KiLL dA pRePs N wOrSHiP MaRiLyN mAnSon!!!!!!1!

And again.. We R BiSeXuAL gOfFiCk vAmPiReS!!!

And me and Jenny have a hippy moment

And us looking normal again.

And that's quite enough for now, methinks.