About Me

About me.. about me.. umm. I'm a 16 year old student who has just finished school and as a consequence has much free time to waste. I'm hoping to start studying biology, english language, maths and psychology next year but for now I'm being a lazy sod and doing very little. I work from home as a typist when I need to earn money- being frighteningly quick I can earn 100 in less than ten hours *beams*. I live in an insignificant teeny village somewhere in England with my family and an assortment of dogs, cats and bunny rabbits.
I write for the website Fanfiction.net under the name of RainbowTerrorist as well as under a hidden account. I write fics about Placebo, King Adora, Robin Black, Marilyn Manson etc, as well as original writings. I used to be mostly known for writing lists- "Amusing Things To Do At A Funeral" and so on, but that category was removed. Hopefully I'll get my lists uploaded here some day.
I don't really know what else to put though I can usually talk on the subject of Me for hours. I'll cunningly fill up space by sticking in an email quiz thingy. Ha.

Name- Jamie Lee
Nicknames/internet names- Trauma, Broken Bubbles
Age- 16
Location- UK
Interests- Writing, drawing, reading, music, the internet, self-modification, bunnies.
Hair colour- Usually dark brown even though it photographs black a lot of the time, sometimes with purple or red streaks if I'm bored
Eye colour- Green
Piercings- Lip, tragus, misc. ear piercings, one stretched
Height- 5'7
Occupation- Student
Star sign- Virgo
Pets- Two stray cats I adopted, two bunnies and a dog by name of Furry Boo.
Favourite colour- Does rainbow count?
Favourite film- The Virgin Suicides
Favourite band- Placebo
Favourite scent- Lemon
Favourite book- The Virgin Suicides, Alice in Wonderland or Exquisite Corpse

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