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My trip to the United States as an YFU Exchange Student

Welcome Thomas' homepage. On this page you can follow my trip in America as an Highschool student. I also made this site to change your mind and become also an exchange student. I've got pictures, and a diary. The Photoalbum will be updated every time when I've got pictures! duuuh! I hope you enjoy my trip and like the site. And you maybe also want to be an exchange student. The colors I used for my website (gold and navy-blue)are the colors of my school. Please sign my guest book, when you've been on my website.


Thomas Le Gras

Why did I go to America? and Highschool?


About me
Family Pictures
School Pictures
To Hooters with the Football Team
Some pictures of College Football
Pictures of the House
Pictures of the holidays, X-mass pictures!!!!!!!
Pictures from me in the snow
Pictures of Detroit
Basketball Pictures
Mr.Webberville Pictures
Prom Pictures
Spring Break; Florida Pictures
New Hampshire Pictures
Pictures from when my parents were here
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