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Spring Newsletter

What's New

Perfect Husband - Independent film where Tim will play the husband. Tim said it was a challenging roll since he had to play different characters. The husband disguises himself to get close to the people he knows.

Earth Shaker - Tim will be in the movie with Eric Roberts and Corbin Bernson. This is a movie about cloned dinosaurs.

We were Soldiers Once...and Young - Tim will be in the movie with Madeline Stowe, Barry Pepper, Dylan Walsh, Greg Kinear, and Randall Wallace. Now hold on to your hats... Sam Elliot and Mel Gibson are also in the movie!!!! Tim thinks the movie will be out by Christmas!

MSW - Last Free Man - Finally CBS will be showing the movie on Wednesday may 2 at 8pm. Check local listings!!!!!

Substitute 4 - Failure is Not an Option - Will be released on Video and DVD April 24th. Tim said he did behind the scenes interviews that I'm guessing will be on the DVD.


Substitute 4 A Review

Artisan Entertainment

Directed by - Robert Radler

Staring - Treat Williams, Tim Abell, Bill Nunn, Ange Everhart, and Patrick Kilpatrick

Captain Carl Thomason (Treat Williams) is called on by his commanding office, General Teague, to investigate the practices at the Military Academy of the South. The Generals nephew attends the school and the general has lost contact with him. General Teague has already sent in two men undercover but Carl is to be their commanding officer.

Captain Thomason posses as the academies new militar history teacher. He quickly learns that the martial arts instructor, Devlin (Tim Abell) is one of the men the general sent undercover. The two men discover that the schools elite students, known as Werewolf Company, have been robbing banks and blowing up power stations. They learn the commandant of the academy; Brack (Patrick Kilpatrick) is the one sending the students out on these missions. The two men decide to expose the Commandant but are stopped by the gardener (Bill Nunn). He is the second person the general sent in and he reminds them that they have no proof. They decide to get proof about the commandant and the students but before they can the Brack has General Teague killed. After that there is no stopping these men form destroying Brack.

Tim again plays a character he's good at, military. This time he is a good guy and many qualities of Benny Ray can be seen in the character of Devlin. Another bonus to the movie is we finally get to see Tim doing some ballroom dancing. Unfortunately it's hardly enough ;-)


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Perfect Husband

Perfect Husband