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What's New

Last Free Man - A Murder She Wrote telemovie. Tim will play Jeb Bucknell. A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) just before the start of the Civil War. Tim will be seen in the flashback segments as Jessica (Angela Landsbury) discovers secrets about her aunt. Look for Tim to be dressed in period costumes. Watch for it during November sweeps. I believe it will be on CBS.


Rapid Assault A Review


Palm Entertainment, A Sherman Scott Film

Starring: Tim Abell, Lisa Mazzetti, and Arthur Roberts.

Directed by Sherman Scott

Tim plays Navy SEAL James Decker. He is needed to stop a mad man from detonating a bomb containing a virus that's worse than Ebola. The problem is he's put the bomb at the bottom of an abyss on the ocean floor. Decker infiltrates the underwater laboratory where the virus was manufactured only to find out the bomb isn't there. When he discovers it has been placed in the abyss he takes a one-man sub and retrieves it.

 Again Tim gets to play a character he is good at, something in the military. The plot was limited but Tim is able to make it believable as the character Decker. And you'll be glad to know he doesn't die in this one.


Why I like Benny Ray

Winter - I've always been drawn to the strong and silent type. Tim's character of Benny Ray is a no nonsense, hard-nosed ex-Marine Corp Sniper that doesn't take any S*&% from anyone but yet he is a family man. I find this very appealing. It also didn't hurt that the writers always seemed to give Benny Ray the best lines. "Enjoy Life. Eat out more often"

Sherri - Why I liked Benny Ray better than Matt, CJ, or Chance in the first season: He was the strong, silent type. I totally go for that. I love the military, and have always been attracted to those military crew cuts.
Matt was the leader...I'm such a follower that I couldn't begin to relate to a leader. Besides, he didn't have a crew cut, and he smiled too much.
CJ was too cheerful and came up with the lamest jokes. Don't get me wrong, though, he was my second favorite, because I love to laugh.
Chance was so cool. I think he tied for second. And the bald head was great. I love those, too. :-) But a helicopter pilot doesn't win over a sniper.

Tobias - Because he is the only "actor" that has actually undertaken training in whatever the actor acts. E.g. BR has been trained in real combat and therefore he doesn't have to act he just does as he has been trained. Other actors that haven't been taught have to act.

Cyphers - well that's pretty easy to do. BR in my mind is just like marines that were friends of my dads growing up. He holds these things above all others: 1.Honor 2. Duty 3. Family. These are all things that I believe in myself. Another thing I like about him is the fact that he does have nice taste in weapons.


Raptor - I like BR best because he was the best looking sexiest guy on the team. Now that I have the obvious out of the way, a FEW other reasons . . . .He appeared to be the loneliest member of the team and stayed to himself, even when the others were around he would sometimes be sitting off by himself. His disposition, he would disagree with any member of the team. He could be funny and caring with his friends and ruthless with their enemies. He was a loyal teammate, always ready, willing and usually able to defend any member of the team.

'Spaz - Why Benny Ray over the others. Because he made me laugh-cheesy shirts (first season), hick sayings, nasty attitude, always ready for a fight. Benny Ray was belligerent, a loner, and I'm convinced a sociopath. His character was larger than life-the perfect movie-marine. And he always got the most hilarious lines. Kinda cartoony in a way. And, of course, he's damn pretty...But you knew that ;)

Boo - Why I LOVE the character of Benny Ray. Loyal, Tenacious, Intense, Damn good at his job!! My absolute favorite character in any TV show of all time!!


Rogue's Gallery

Tim as Jeb Bucknell in Last Free Man

VMI Uniform

Tim said this is his Rhett Butler look