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The Substitute IV - Starring: Treat Williams, Bill Nunn, Patrick Kilpatric and Angie Everhart. Watch for it on HBO in August.

Viva Los Nowhere - Starring: Daniel Stern and James Caan. Look for it in theatres spring 2001.


A Review

Produced and directed by Jim Wynorski

Distributed by Concord-New Horizon and Sunset Films International

Starring- Daniel Baldwin, Tim Abell, Richard Tyson and Stacy Haiduk.


The plot of the movie is that Iraq has developed an Anthrax gas and loaded it on a missile that can be launched on Europe. Daniel Baldwin plays Lee Miller an ex-pilot who stopped flying when his wingman crashed into a mountain during a mission. He's recruited to train a covert flying team to bomb the missile sight.

Tim plays Robert "Jet" Burkett. He's a tough-talking pilot with an attitude. Tim's first appearance in the movie is in prison wearing a hideous orange jump suit. Jet is the first pilot to be recruited by Miller. On their first training exercise Jet goes below 500 ft and Miller calls the training off. When they get back to base Miller bites Jet's head off and tells him he has one more chance. The rest of the movie has them trying to come together as a team and flying together. Tim of course has the best lines in the movie.

One of the more amusing scenes in the movie is when they all go to a bar to unwind. Jet sneaks off to call his fiancé and is caught by Miller. He takes the phone and hangs up. He than grabs Jet by the ear and pulls him away like an errant schoolboy.

The movie is hard to believe but it was fun to watch. Tim has a major part in the movie and doesn't die ;-)


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