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Valentine Newsletter

What's up

Active Stealth - Starring Tim Abell, Daniel Baldwin and Lisa Vidal.

Desert Thunder - Starring Tim Abell and Daniel Baldwin. Video release was pushed back to the end of February. I was hoping to have a review for this newsletter.

Dream T.E.A.M - Unfortunately the show has been cancelled. There are no plans to show unaired episodes. So I doubt we will ever see Tim's episode called Trojan Horse.



A Review

Produced by- Donald Bellasario

Airs on CBS Tuesdays at 8pm

"Cabin Pressure"

Harm (David James Elliot) is summoned to the USS Surabachi to take the of Petty officer De Mara (Marcos Sanchez) who has been accused of murder. While down in the brig with Chief Sturtevant (Christopher Cousins) the ship hits a reef and blocks the hatch leading out of the brig. While trapped in the brig Harm discovers that De Mara might be telling the truth, that he was set up.

Mean while Lt. Jenarette (Tim Abell) is assigned the duty of removing the blocked hatch. Once he is able to get the debris off he opens the hatch and calls down.

The Chief goes to get help and convinces the Lt. that the others are dead. When Harm relieves they have been left behind he comes tot he conclusion that the Chief is the murderer.

Tim had a great part in this episode even if it was a little small. It was great seeing Tim on prime time and on a popular show. Now if we can just convince the producers of JAG to make Tim a regular ;-)


Club Member's Ultimate Valentine


Well, I'd have to say that I'd certainly be surprised if Huggy secretly made plans for us to stay at a bed and breakfast, then took me out to dinner and pampered me. Hell, even him cleaning the bathroom to my specs would be a pleasant surprise!!! LOL!!


So here's my for him: I'd think the ultimate Valentines surprise for Tim would be to hear he has his own series - written by Me, Jay Cappe and Duke in which he's not always on stage, so that he can do an occasional movie or between. To keep his skills sharpened. AND one where he can have a say in who's on and who guest stars..and story input etc. For me - it would be to be involved in a project LIKE that with good writers who do their homework and where everyone gets to stretch his/hers skills in front and behind the camera...Director Abell anyone???




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