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Tim Abell was raised in Lanham, Maryland, and Manassas, Virginia. He joined the Army when he was 17 and went on to become a Ranger. After leaving the Army Tim attended college at the University of Maryland, College Park from 1981-1985. To work his way through college Tim began teaching ballroom dancing at the Arthur Murray Dance studio where he met his future wife. Tim also belonged to Sigma Nu Fraternity where he participated in various fraternity antics. While at Maryland he began taking "acting for non actors" classes and realized this was what he wanted to pursue. This led him to Los Angeles where he supplemented his income, while trying to establish himself; he worked as a bartender and a carpenter. To improve his acting abilities he took acting classes with Jeff Corey. This dedication to his craft landed him a role as Jeff Benton on the American Cybercast's Internet soap opera, "The Spot", which has as many as 200,000 online viewer's. The exposure led to a variety of film offers.

Among his recent film credits are "The Base", starring Mark Dacascos and directed by Mark Lester; "Desert Thunder", starring Daniel Baldwin; "Executive Command", co-starring with Michael Dudikoff and Paul Winfield; and "Steel Sharks", starring Gary Busey and Billy Dee Williams and directed by Rod McDonald. All of these films provided Tim with an opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a martial artist.

Tim also has a promising stage career as well. His appearances in Los Angeles theater include "Rocks" at The Room Upstairs; "Beltway Roulette" at Le Café; "Pearly's" and "Heavens Den" at The Complex; and "The White Biting Dog" at the Odyssey Theatre. He has also appeared in Washington D.C. in the Gala Theatre production of "Colorblind" as well as a production of "Edward II" at the Source Theatre.

Tim currently appears as Benny Ray Riddle in Jerry Bruckheimer's "Special Ops Force". An elite-fighting unit led by Major Matt Shepard, Brad Johnson. S.O.F. goes where our government cannot and will not venture. Tim's character is an ex-Marine sniper that was drummed out of the Corp for hitting a UN Task Force Officer. He was barely surviving in the civilian world when Shepard recruited him. Tim's background in the Army serves him well in this role of a no nonsense, hard-nosed Marine.