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VIP - Look for Tim's Episode for the November sweeps.

Dream Team - No word on when the episode will air. Just keep an eye out for it.

Tim has spent the last couple of months participating in sporting clay shoots. He was also in Florida learning to drive racecars.


Seven Days

A Review

For the Children

Tim's episode was on recently and it was good seeing him again on TV. He was cast as a Gulf War veteran. The thing I found interesting was they hadn't even shown Tim on the screen when you hear his voice. You couldn't miss him! My only complaint about the episode is Tim's part was WAY too short!


Questions & Answers

1.Tim, what are your thoughts and feelings regarding the second season of SOF? Were you happy with what went on with all of the major changes and decline in quality stories and characters?

As a viewer, I preferred the first season of SOF. I liked the dark, gritty episodes like Broken Play and Over the Wire. But, as an actor, I did enjoy some of the character driven episodes of the second season such as Tethered Goat and Who's Who. I hated loosing Real and Mark from season 1(we're all still great friends), but, I am very grateful for having met, worked with and becoming friends with David Eigenberg. I understand what the producers were trying to do in season 2. They were trying to appeal to a larger audience, which would have meant a longer run. But alas.......

2. Who has been your favorite costar in the movies? In television? Big-name star, or little known.

With out a doubt, Angie Everhart, whom I just, worked with on The Dream Team in Puerto Rico. It was a magical experience working with her. I have not experienced to many of those moments in my career. I hope to work with her again soon. Plus, she does a mean Tango!

3. What was your military specialty/occupation?

MOS- 11B2V US ARMY AIRBORNE RANGER, 2ND RANGER BN. Light Weapons and Dragon Gunner.

4. Who's your hero? Would you have this person for a mentor and if you could pick ANYONE as a mentor who would it be and why? (Can be anyone in history too)

My Dad! From him I learned responsibility, good work ethics and being accountable for my actions. He may not have always liked the direction my life was going, but he was always there to lend a helping hand if I needed it. It was a wonderful feeling to have him tell me that he was proud of me and what I've done with my life.

5. Would you like to do a role w/ a lot of dancing?

I dream of doing a film in which I can dance! I love the form, the feel and the finesse of dancing with a woman. Latin or Smooth! It's all good.

6. What was it like working w/ Michael Dudikoff?

Michael is a great guy! Very generous and gracious.

7. Where would you like to vacation? It could be somewhere that you have been or somewhere that you would like to visit.

Scuba diving at Truck Lagoon where the Japanese fleet was destroyed and sank. They sit about 120ft below the surface. I remember reading an article in National Geographic years ago and was intrigued with the photos and story.

8. Do you answer all your e-mails and letters yourself, or do you have an assistant?

I answer all my mail. No matter how long it takes me. I do have help with the mailing and addressing portion.

9. How do you like acting compared to the service?

A lot of similarities. In the Army, when I was a Sergeant, I had a certain persona that I would put on while teaching, training and leading my peers and subordinates. Much like my character from SOF. Only difference is I get a much better paycheck now!

10. With SOF having such a large and loyal following, what was your reaction to the show being cancelled?

SOF withdrawal. But, I was very grateful for the two seasons that we had. Not many actors ever get that kind of opportunity. It was a wonderful experience!

11. Was Rodman the reason the show was cancelled, or was there a different reason?

It wasn't Rodman's fault so much as bad time slots, constantly being moved, name change, no advertising...............shoulda, woulda, coulda been a hit show.

12. Did everyone get along on the set, or was it tense and stressful?

We all got on great! I made some wonderful friends on SOF.

13. Do you enjoy making movies or a series more?

I would love to do great films with great scripts and great characters and great leadership. I like the chance to create new and different characters. That's the joy I get from acting.

14. What made you take up Ballroom Dancing?

My Uncle Bruce, a former Marine, taught Ballroom Dancing after WW11. He told me that learning to dance was the most rewarding thing in his life along with his education. He told me that as I matured, I would be so grateful for the gift of dance. And I am!

15. What kind of movie/TV roles do you most enjoy doing?

I enjoy creating characters. Characters that explore myself. The good, the bad and the ugly parts of myself.

16. I know while the series was in production you didn't want to comment on what you thought BR's & Margo's relationship could be/was (i.e. brother-sister sibling rivalry, best friends, or possible lovers--this last one would have to be a could be not a was) but now that its sadly come to an end could you reveal your opinion?

In my opinion, BR and Margo, were best friends, protective of one another and very attracted to one another and secret lovers! Don't tell Matt....I don't think he'd understand.

17. We all know you are a good dancer. Did you show David E. how to be a bad dancer or did it come naturally for him in Who's Who?

He did that all on his own! I love that guy!

18. Did you dance in high school or did you discover later in life it was a good way to get girls?

I learned at Arthur Murry Dance Studio in Silver Spring Maryland after the Army and while attending University of Md. Got my wife out of the deal!

19. Do you have any tattoos? If you were to get a tattoo what would it be and where would put it on your body?

No tattoos. Never found something that I want to have permanently etched on my body. If I were to get one, I'd put it on my..............I better not say!

20. What toppings do you put on a pizza? Thick or thin crust?

Thin and crisp with roasted garlic, fresh tomato and fresh basil.

21.If your in the mood for junk food do you opt for the chocolate/sweet or the potato chip/salty route?

McDonalds #4 Super size that please!

22.Favorite ice cream flavor?

Hagen Daz Coffee

23.Sunrise or or night person?

I love staying up all night and watching the sun come up!

24.What breeds of dogs do you have, names, and significance of the name?

Dottie - little mutt has my Granny's name, Bach- Border collie mix, named after composer, Nikki- Jack Shit Terrier- rhymes with licky, Moo Moo- Shitzu... ahhhhhh she looks like a Moo Moo.

25.What is you favorite scent(s) on and women? And what scent(s) do you like to wear?

I like the natural scent of a woman! But, if she does wear a scent, I like just the hint of the fragrance mingled with her own natural scent.

26.What's your favorite season and why? (seasons being spring, summer, winter, and fall)

Spring just popped into my head. It's the season of renewal and birth. Plus, when I was at the University of Maryland, all the girls wore cut off jeans and halter-tops!

27.What were your least favorite subject in school? Favorite?

Hated math.............loved Marriage and Family Living class. I was in love with my teacher, Wanda Wentzle. She told me I reminded her of a young Tarzan. God Bless her!

28: Where is the most exotic place you've ever been.

The most erotic place would have to be........Oh sorry! You said exotic not erotic! I have not been there yet! But I have been to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Panama, New Zealand and Australia

29. When you told your family you wanted to be an actor were they supportive of you decision.

Mom yes! Always Supportive about that decision. Dad was like," What the hell is thinking?! Acting? He'll come to his senses someday ...I hope"

30. If you had the talent to paint for one day and you had a blank canvas in front of you what would you paint?

The Love of my Life!

31. Do you prefer cotton, silk, or flannel sheets?

Flannel for sleeping, silk for sexing!

32. What is your favorite beer and shot?

Icy cold Amstel and a shot of silver Patron!

33. Are you a hugger?

Can't hug enough! I'm a toucher too!

34. What is you favorite weapon, rifle or pistol, and why?

Military- M-4 and Glock 21. Dependable and they feel good in my hands! Hunting- Champlan .340 Weatherby Magnum, It's a work of art!

35. What SOF episode or scene do you fell was your personal best performance as BR and why?

Broken Play, Over the Wire and Tethered Goat. They just felt good!

36. Do you still have anything to do with the spot and what did you think of that particular gig?

The Spot was fun when I was doing it. It was part of what got me to where I am known. It's still on the Internet, but I have nothing to do with it anymore. Except that I am friends with some of the people that were involved with The Spot. Ri is one of them!

37. What for you determines a well-written script/character/project?

Can't describe it, but I know it when I read it.

38. What draws you to a particular project? (IE. Genre/subject matter, writer/producer)

All the above. Good script, character, actors, director and or producer.

39. Do real men, IE Rangers, take bubble baths?

I love a good bubble bath! Especially when you're with the one you love!

40. If you could be reincarnated as any animal what would it be and why?

An Eagle! I would love to soar like an eagle.

41. What is your favorite movie to watch? And what snack do you like to eat while watching?

The Dirty Dozen with a beer and a shot!

42. Do you drink soda? If so, what's your most likely choice?

Diet Coke. Love it!

43. What was it like working with Billy Warlock? Is he a nice guy?

Billy Warlock was a very nice guy. Have not seen him since working on Steel Sharks. He was a pleasure to work with. Blew his knee out on the show, but continued to work while on crutches. That's dedication!

44. Some actors don't watch their work. Did you watch SOF?

Watched sometimes. We usually got advanced screeners and watched ahead of time. I watch as a tool to become a better actor. I'm very critical of my work and sometimes have to laugh at what I see on screen. But, watching SOF, I can definitely say that I have come a long way since much of my earlier work.

45. Did you ever think that BR would have such a loyal male/female following? And why do you think he was the favorite character on the show?

My idea, and the writers idea of Benny Ray, was to create the type of man that did all the things that we wish we had the balls to do. The man who could make the hard decisions and then act swiftly and with out mercy. A man who could not sit by and watch injustice take place with out doing something about it, regardless of the consequences to himself. A man who never let his friends down and was always there for them. A man who truly believed in Unit, God and Country. People Identify with that and would like to have those same qualities, including myself. To me, Benny Ray, is my alter ego.

46. Have you read any of the great fan fics that have been written?

Only one. "RUNNING THROUGH THE JUNGLE", by Joe Bob, It was good!

47. I heard you were an excellent cook. If you had to cook a four-course meal for the Queen of England what would you make?

First course- Icy cold beer, Second course- Silver Patron chilled served as body shots off the Queens various nooks and crannies, Third course- 2" thick USDA Prime New York strips Grilled over Mesquite charred on the outside and bloody rare on the inside!, and for Desert- Mas tequila por favor!

48. Are you ticklish? If so where?

I am in certain places. Depends more on who's doing the tickling as to how ticklish I am!

49. If you were asking the last question what would it be?



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