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What's Up

Active Stealth: Starring Tim Abell, Daniel Baldwin and Lisa Vidal. Original title was Shadow Force

VIP: Pamela Anderson. Tim's episode is called "Valma and Louise" so watch for it next season J

7 Days: For the Children. Still no word as to when this episode will air.

Tim also attended a Boy Scout fundraiser in Kentucky in May. It was a clay shoot and Tim said he had a lot of fun.


Steel Sharks

A review

Royal Oak Entertainment in Association with Cabin Fever Entertainment

Produced by Rodney McDonald

Starring: Gary Busey, Billy Dee Williams and Billy Warlock

A team of Navy Seals called the Steel Sharks is sent to Iran to rescue a chemical weapons expert that has been kidnapped. The team is successful in retrieving the scientist but is captured before they can make it back to their Zodiac. They are taken aboard an Iranian sub and the leader of the team is taken away to be questioned. The sub commander didn't like his answers and kills him leaving Cord (Tim Abell) in charge. The rest of the movie is about how the Seal Teams escapes from sub.

Tim Abell plays Cord, second in command of the Steel Sharks. His character is a no nonsense, tobacco chew guy. Cord is shot during the rescue attempt and Tim does a great job showing how the wound slowed him down. Tim has some very good scenes. One in particular is the scene in the radio run when they call for a pick up. He's barely conscious when the character Rogers (Billy Warlock) goes to help him up and he cries out. He has some great lines here but the one I liked is "Outstanding" ;-) and "Get my sorry ass up"


Billy Warlock plays Rogers. He is added to the team at the last minute when one of the men gets injured. It's his first mission and he's a little nervous but he pulls his weight and gets the job done. Billy Warlock is better know for being on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives"

Gary Busey plays the commander of the American sub that dropped the team off. Most of his time in the movie is spent fighting with the Iranian sub. I'm not a Gary Busey fan so I won't say too much about his character.

Billy Dee Williams is the commander in charge of the whole operation. His character doesn't do much except pick up the phone ;-) Of course he is better know as Lando Calrissian to Star Wars fans.

Sean Toub is the commander of the Iranian sub. I just mention him because he will be familiar to you from the SOF episode Iraq & Roll.

Over all this movie wasn't bad. Some of the acting left a little to be desired and it moved a little slow in places. Tim looks great in this movie!!!! He's leaner and more rugged looking. The only thing that drove me crazy was the chewing tobacco! Also the underwater sub fights were pretty funny. The models were very primitive and the special effects were at a minimum


Viva Las Vegas


L~ Living on the edge, going to meet people we've never seen before, loose and carefree, and completely LOCO!
A~ A trip to remember, great people, fun, and way too many laughs.
S~ So many things to mention but STUDIO 54 was THE BEST!

V~ Very entertaining, very sore feet from DANCING!
E~ Each and every individual was well worth meeting.
G~ Gambling, need I say more? LOST every bit of my money LOL.
A~ About time I knew some trivia from the show, actually won a prize!
S~ Such BIG hangovers *grin*, enjoyed myself just a little too much! But can you actually do that?! Hmmmm, don't think so.

S~ Soldier of Fortune had the best Benny Ray scenes! With the exception of a few from Special Ops Force, the Benny Ray/ Nick scene in the car of Who's Who is CLASSIC!!!
O~ OUTSTANDING time, what else is there to say?!
F~ Fortunate to have met some wonderful people and to have my favorite actor be so kind back to his fans *WHEW* there are some nice ones out there!!!
C~ Crushed that I didn't get to meet TIIMMMMMMMM! LOL
O~ Oh no, I can't think of anything else!
N~ Never a dull moment! Some things I just gotta keep to myself! *EWG*


Favorite Episodes

Winter: OK I know this was hard especially for season 1. It was tough picking season one; I considered Broken Play, Hired Guns, Scorned and Surgical Strike. You all probably going "I know which one she picked!" Most would think I would have chosen Scorned but I chose Surgical Strike. This episode was a good one for ALL the characters. The memorable scenes for me were: Chances Jihad Speech, Matt making CJ decide to call off the hit, Margo going in for the kids, Benny Ray for his over all performance but especially when him and Chance are setting the bombs, Matt for his rescue of CJ.

As for season 2 this was VERY easy. There was no contest Tethered Goat was the winner. This episode really showed just how much there is to the character of Benny Ray. I liked when he draws on Matt and when he takes down the cop for asking all those stupid questions.

Sandy: Favorite Episode-Season 1: BROKEN PLAY
~Great sequence of scenes,loved the way they put them all together
~Hard edge to the music, went perfect in the background with the scenes. The night, black fatigues, and music created a great mood
~Benny Ray is typical BR and stays behind for his compadres to give them a chance to escape (what a guy)
~Oh yeah and best part - Benny Ray kicks ass and saves the day!!
~And can't leave out that Tim just looks too good in black with the crew cut! LOL

Favorite Episode-Season 2: TETHERED GOAT and CRITICAL LIST (sorry couldn't choose)
~Loved the interaction with Benny Ray's family. Missed that from season 1
~Also loved all the conflict with BR's character - he's at his best
~Scene with drawing down on Matt is one of my favorites - all of them did a great job, you can just feel the tension
~And when he kicks the cans outside of the bar, he gets caught in the trash bag, hmmmm, was that supposed to happen? LOL

~Could say a lot about this one but I'll keep it short :o)
~Laughed with the purple pee scenes with Matt and Nick
~Just a good overall episode
~Didn't like seeing our BR down but at least it was truer to how you would be if you got shot twice in the chest, was actually refreshing to see the character in a more life-like situation, not just getting up the next day and escaping LOL
~Tim was just so damned believable - Wow he did some great acting in this episode!

Melissa: I liked Welcome To Bent Copper. I haven't been in the States long enough to see season one.

Rattler: Genesis liked this episode because I got to see Benny Ray for the first time boy I liked him right off his attitude kinda reminded me of what I can be like at times.

TEATHERED GOAT I liked this episode just as much basically showed how dangerous a vet with the right training can be. It's also a parent's nightmare.

Aylea: "La Mano Negra."It was great from start to finish. And there were a lot of reasons why. I can sit and rewatch that one and anticipate all my favorite places. I loved the development of mutual respect and friendship that occurred with Marshall Teague's character and the team. I loved the scene near the beginning where BR says, "That was fun--I needed that," and then later, the smile he flashes after getting the phone call that the mission was good to go. I also loved when Margo pointed the gun at the guy and said in Spanish something about "Did he want his tombstone to read: Killed by a woman? "Great line and great delivery.

Debbie Orth: Favorite episode from first season is hard because there are so many. Genesis and Broken Play are probably my favorites because Benny Ray was very cool (then again, he always is) and he had some very good lines. From the second season I liked Tethered Goat because it featured a lot of Benny Ray.

Spaz/Lisa: "Deja & Apres Vu" from the first season,and "Tethered Goat" (what else?) from this season.

Tobias: Well, from season 1 I'm definitely gonna pick Broken Play

Lieb: Season 1:My favorite episode was Hired Guns. I absolutely loved the action and killer music from this episode. Their training showed through on this episode when they are on the island going into the general's residence. You can see that they are professional and know what they are doing. And did I mention that the music was awesome? Season 2:As I have yet to see the last 2 episodes, my fave so far has been White Dragon. The music is even better than it has been all season and the story line is plausible. I like that Matt gets closure with his father's disappearance in VietNam and while everything was not up to par with last season (like their storming into the room when Matt's father and others get back to the hotel) it was better than most the episodes of this season. Not any of the actors' fault, I know (needed Duke and Jay...). I'm glad the ending wasn't totally hunky dorey, like Matt having him live with him, but that he was going to have to go into the witness protection program. At least Matt knows he's alive and gets to see him every so often.

May: Broken Play is my favorite. I liked all the action. Chance protecting Margo; Margo kicking butt; Benny Ray staying behind during the fire fight and getting shot; Matt and CJ running out of ammo and Benny Ray showing up in the nick of time. Also, thought the music was outstanding. This episode was a heart stopper. Second season will have to pick Critical List but Who's Who is a close second. Really can't say exactly why I like Critical List so much. Guess it brings out the momma in me. Want to take Margo and Benny Ray home and mother them until they are okay again. Matt and Nick had some pretty funny moments. Even though I have always liked Lee Majors, I would happily have taken a club to him when he was hurting BR. Reckon that's the momma instinct again.

Linda Larson: I liked Scorned in Season 1 and Critical List in Season 2.

Sharon: I've never seen the season one episodes, so I'll go with two from Season two.
Tethered Goat - no explanation needed. Tim did a wonderful job (as he always does). I really enjoyed seeing his interaction with his son and was hoping for more of the same later in the season and in the next.
Trade Off - the discussion between Matt and Benny Ray concerning New Yorkers' attitude and the attitude of Benny Ray just killed me. I love the tone of voice and look on Tim's face when he says, "I ain't got no attitude." Matt chuckling says "Trust me. You have plenty of attitude." Benny Ray vehemently responds "Like Hell I do sir!" And then he acquiesces "Maybe just a little bit" with that adorable Alabama accent. That's my favorite Benny Ray scene. :)