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What’s Up

Soldier of God – This movie is still not finished. Tim still has some scene to finish. It will be shown at next years Toronto Film festival, San Sebastian Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Venice Festival, Sundance and Cannes

NCIS – Tim did an episode of this popular series. The episode was called UnSEALed. Tim’s characters name was Jack Curtin. You should be able to catch it in summer reruns

Line of Fire – Tim also did an episode for this show. The episode was called Best Laid-Plans. Tim’s character was Scott Sorensen.

Charity Auction - That's right start saving your pennies. Tim has agreed to clean out his closets again and send some great stuff to be auctioned. No date set at this time due to Tim's filming schedule.

A Review

 Curse of the Komodo

By Rae Evans


The premise is corny, scientists testing growth hormones to save the world’s food shortage. Some of the acting is wooden; check out Drake and Dr Porter, some of the acting is appalling; check out Becky Phipps' the blonde haired daughter of the Professor, but if you enjoy Tim in irreverent mode then this will be for you. Directed by Jay Andrews and also starring Ted Monte, ‘Curse of the Komodo’ sees Tim renew old friendships in a film which starts well but never gets any better as it covers standard B Movie ground.

The military have shanghaied the scientists’ project and produced giant sized komodo lizards designed to flush out enemy soldiers and be practically indestructible. With more than a nod to Jurassic Park, the beasties are on the loose and discovering an insatiable appetite for human flesh. The electrified fence runs out of fuel and our heroes and the bad guys who have just shown up on the island after an apparently forced landing due to bad weather are suddenly on the menu. Did I mention that the bad guys are carrying the loot from a casino heist when they arrive in Tim’s helicopter?

Enter our hero, Tim. We are led to believe that he is one of the bad guys but he soon shows his true colors, ditching the crooks and joining in with the scientists to fight off a lizard. He has a quip for every occasion and a throwaway line in every scene. Now whether our hero’s conversion to the cause has anything to do with young Becky Phipps’ chest I don’t know, but believe me when I say that when that girl goes swimming she doesn’t need arm bands to keep her afloat! Know what I mean?

With guns that rarely seem to need reloading and a hip flask that refills itself, or so it seems, there is a lot to pick at in this movie but Tim is relaxed and natural and gets to fly a helicopter!

Once the electric fence goes down the occupants of the island decide to walk to Tim’s helicopter via the ammo store, which of course is miles from anywhere. Unknown to them the Navy is ready to bomb them and the komodos out of existence to protect their guilty secrets. Who makes it out? Watch and see. I never quite figured out what Ted’s laconic and cynical character, Hanson, was meant to be doing on the island, but nice scare Ted! Good one!

When I sat down to watch this DVD I was expecting the worst (dare I mention ‘Raptor’). This is not another ‘Raptor’, but truth to be told it is not far off. My watching of the film was interrupted half way through. If I look at my notes up until that point I was pleasantly surprised with what I had seen and commented that unless the second half of the film nose dived into the sand it wouldn’t be half bad. Er… can we say face first into the beach?

If you like a plot, if you don’t like plot holes, if you like Matrix-quality CGI and you expect the actresses IQ to exceed their bust size, this may not be the film for you. If you can suspend disbelief and critical analysis for 90 minutes then this may be for you. To be honest it will only be for you if you are a fan.

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