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Fall Newsletter

What’s New

Horns of Hattin – Starring Tim Abell, Mapi Galan, Patrick Bauchau, and Bill Medieta. Tim plays Rene a Knight’s Templar whose faith is tested after a major battle. Filming for this film is already completed. No release date at this time.

Camino Flamenco- Starring Patrick Swazye, Monica Cruz and Tim Abell. Jack Garabaldi. (Patrick Swayze) returns to Andalusia to find out why his father left and to find a place to belong. Tim plays his friend Cmdr Scotty Houston. Filming is rescheduled for the fall.

Line of Fire – Political drama that juxtaposes the story of a young female FBI agent and a mobster. Tim filmed an episode of the series. No release date yet. Might be a mid season replace in 2004.

Gargoyles – According to Tim his character is a Romanian underground rave club owner. He fancies himself as a vampire like creature of the night that also sells designer drugs. Filming is finished for this movie but no release date yet.

Questions & Answers

Tim was kind enough to answer a few questions from fans. Here’s what he had to say.

1. Who (actress or actor) would you most like to do a project with and why?

There are so many people I'd like to work, so it's not cut and dry as to one particular person I'd like to work with. I see a film with some wonderful acting, and I think about working with that person. But, if you pinned me down I'd have to say, Paul Newman, Gary Oldman, Robert Duval, Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore.............

2. What life event has helped you stretch the most as an actor?

Some things must remain private. But, let's just say that everyday I learn something that makes me a better actor.

3. Do you know when "CAMINO FLAMENCO" will be released?

As I write this, it seems as though we will begin filming in the fall of 2003. Which would put the film out at the earliest summer 2004. It should be quite an entertaining film.

4. How do you pick your agents?

With great care and trepidation.

5. Will you do a live interview with the fans that are on Winter's site?

Yup! Where and when?

* Note* you’ll have to give me some time to figure out how to do this. Never done it before. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. We can always use AOL instant messenger I suppose.

6. On Val's site we have Fanfics for SOF...will you take the time to write one?

I might be persuaded.

7. Is there any movie you've done that you wish you could forget all about? What movie and why?

Definatly! But, its name shall not pass my lips!

8. What are your impressions of Mel Gibson and Sam Elliott? Nice guys or pains in the butt?

Mel Gibson was nice enough. Told jokes laughed and smoked with the guys between takes, but Sam was more than nice. He definitely made me feel right at home while working. Randall Wallace was an outstanding individual as well!

9. You discovered in college that acting was your profession of choice and you have spent time since then perfecting your craft, quite convincingly I might add. Suppose you only had one opportunity left (God forbid) to play the role you always wanted, but have never had the chance to do so, what role would it be?

The character of Rene that I'm playing in Soldier of God, AKA, The Horns of Hattin.

 10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Exactly where I’m supposed to be!

 11. What will the next thing be that you want/will learn? Sword fighting?

Anything that expands and challenges my mind, body and spirit.

 12. Why play the bad guy so much? Will you be bad again in the next film? Or is the baddie a much bigger challenge to play?

Why not play the bad guy? He's human too, just like the hero. People never really believe that they are really bad. There is always a reason, some rationalization, in their minds to why they do what they do. Even the hero has some questions concerning moral and integral ambiguity. What they must do to complete the mission at hand. The end justifies the means, much like the crusades. Was it right or wrong? Who were the bad guys?

13. Now that Special Forces has been released what do you think of the finished article?

I enjoyed working in Lithuania, meeting all the wonderful people of that country, the producers, and crew, Marshall Teague was outstanding to work with! The film is fun for me to watch, I especially thought that Scott is an amazing marshal artist! And he didn't use any wires at all.

14. With the release of Instinct to Kill, finally, in the States have you had any additional feedback on your performance as a psychopath?

Some great feedback, indeed!

15. Given that you are now a qualified in line skating coach, did you do all the skating scenes in Tethered Goat?

What????? Can you say stuntman!? He was fearless and great hanging onto the bumper of the van! I was hanging on a couple shots going about 30mph.

16. What is your favorite color?

Blue, unless we're talking money.

 17. What is your favorite Elvis song?

Treat Me Nice

 18. If you could go back in time to meet any historic figure whom would it be and why?

Why, Jesus Christ of course. Because I have much to learn in my life.

19. If you were given the chance to remake any of the classic Hollywood movies which one would it be and why?

The Wild Bunch or Some Like it Hot. Why ask why.

20. So which character? Jack Lemon’s or Tony Curtis’?

Either. But Jack Lemon’s would be fun.

21. In Special Forces you got to play opposite Marshall Teague. You were both great in the SOF episode La Mano Negra. How long have you known Marshall and would you jump at the chance to work with him again?

Many years. He and his wife, Lindy, are the most wonderful people. I love them dearly. I've learned some hard lessons in this business, and one is, is not everyone is looking out for your best interest, especially some who acts like your "good friend" and "buddy". But, Marshall has so much integrity. I have much to learn from this man, I call Brother.

Rogues’ Gallery

Tim & David on the

Set of SOF

Tim at the 2002 Celebrity shoot

Tim at the 2002 Celebrity shoot