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Club auction - We raised $1,300 for the Warrior Foundation. Thanks everyone for bidding and helping this great organization. Special thanks to Tim for donating all the great stuff!

Special Forces - Should be available now from Blockbuster. The movie was previewed in Beverly Hills in Mid January. Starring Tim Abell and Marshall Teague. A Special Forces team is sent into Bosnia to rescue an American woman.

Camino Flamenco- Starring Patrick Swazye, Monica Cruz and Tim Abell. Jack Garabaldi. (Patrick Swayze) returns to Andalusia to find out why his father left and to find a place to belong. Tim plays his friend Cmdr Scotty Houston. Filming has been pushed back to March due to scheduling problems.

Quails Unlimited - Tim was in Atlanta again in January participating in this event.

Boy Scout benefit - to raise money for Diabetes research. This will be in April and I will keep you posted on where it will be held.

A Review

Instinct to Kill aka Perfect Husband

By Rae


Loosely based on the book The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner, Instinct to Kill puts Tim Abell and Mark Dacascos back together for the first time since The Base. Turning the story round and telling it much more from the killer's point of view gives the film advantages over the book, not least of which is the fact that we get to see more of Abell. He is the saving of the film, bringing the murderer, his character, to life in a way that Dacascos and Cryder seem unable to do with theirs. Unfortunately interesting characters have been omitted from the book which would have improved the film, but the progress of Jim Beckett reminds me a lot of the Andy Robinson character from Dirty Harry, without the totally over the top acting. It is fervently hoped that Abell does not suffer the same fate as Robinson and remain typecast as the psychotic killer, he is too good an actor for that.

Some of the make up used to disguise the murderer is a little amateurish but other special effects and the fight scenes particularly are very well done. Especially touching is the scene between Beckett and his father. What intrigued me most was Beckett's ongoing murder spree, which was conducted without the expected descent into madness or raving loony tunes. He remained the same calculated, in control character throughout, which if you passed him in the street you would have thought nothing of. No rolling eyes giving the insanity away or the disheveled appearance crying out for the men in white coats to pick him up. Abell plays it straight and it works.

OK the question was if you could have any dance with Tim what would it be? What music and why?


I guess I will get the ball rolling. First off I can't dance to save my life so this is how it would be. Remember those dance contest they used to have? You know at the end when there are only 3 couples left and they are basically leaning against each other to stay standing and swaying to the music? I could handle that ;-) Or if Tim would let me stand on top of his feet I could do that as well.


Well, since I had asked Tim to make sure, since he will be IN Seville, to learn "Seviallanas" (seh-vee- ann -ass) I would do that Flamenco dance with him. The music is varied and multiple kinds and flavors. There is a Festival where people gather for Seviallanas - EVERYONE dances in the street....

Flamenco is a very passionate dance form - but what is even more wonderful about it is that the more you do and the older you get the more you are respected. The older folk are not as 'flashy' maybe but BOY do they have ATTITUDE!

Oh, of course complete with costume!


As for the dancing, wow tough one. I am a big Gene Kelly fan but Tim is a Fred Astaire fan so that causes a problem so it would have to be a recreation of the dance in West Side Story when Maria and Tony first see each other across the dance room and everything goes quiet - LOL, all you would hear is my heartbeat.



My favorite dance is the waltz and if I was afforded the opportunity that's what I would like to dance with Tim. I love the waltz, its a very elegant, flowing, intimate dance. My dad taught me how to waltz and he was so fluid and graceful, he was an artist and a pleasure to watch.

I love to watch the Latin dances, but have never had the opportunity to learn. Found this great school in Seville, Spain that teaches a weeklong course in the Flamenco. Anyone up for it? Went to a Flamenco bar in Barcelona and found the Flamenco to be a very wild, passionate dance full of fire and inspiration.

Did I mention I love to dance? (Danced at the World's Fair in NY in 19.. Had a chance to audition for the Rockettes but went to college instead - at my mothers' insistence, heavy sigh)


Lee Ann

One dance: The TANGO!!! It is romantic and you simply cannot ignore your partner - must work together.


The music - comes from the movie "Strictly Ballroom".
The song - "Love Is In the Air"
Why - I just absolutely LOVE that song - the way it was portrayed in the movie, the beat, the movement of the two dancers moving so well in tune. The words - yeah... and since Tim can dance so well...would love to see him perform it. But I can't dance that t'would have ta watch him dance with someone else :-(

Every time I hear it, find myself singing it...the song lifts one's's a HAPPY song..ya know?


Well, if I could have a dance with Tim, first of all, I would play a very romantic music, and then, I pick a Tango to be very fun. In my country, Uruguay, Tango has got its roots.



Riiiiiight .. erm . Tim and me dancing? Let me think now ... something slow and (do I dare say this?) romantic (yes I did it!) Since I can not dance, if it would safe my life, let's keep it simple. Waltz. I can see Vienna. A palace. Large ballroom, chandeliers with candles.... Tim in a Tux. Stubble and smelling divine. Me in an Armani dress and with two proper working feet! But that is all optional. Him dancing with me would be awesome! How about slow dancing to the Commodores? The voice off Lionel Richie and Him close. A bit too sweet? Yeah maybe, But I am loving those old movies with Rogers and Astair and Gene Kelly. So a spontaneous dance in the street, rain or in a park will be nice! Who am I kidding? Dancing with him and it doesn't matter what or how! There will always be the right music!



I think it would be great to do the Salsa/Mambo with Tim Abell to "Marc Anthony's 'I NEED TO KNOW' Me in a Purple backless dress with purple stilettos. He in Black Dancer pants, a Purple shirt open at the neck. The kind of shirt that catches every breeze.

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