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July 4th Newsletter



What’s New

Special Forces - Starring Tim Abell and Marshall Teague. A Special Forces team is sent into Bosnia to rescue an American woman. Filming finished in Lithuania in May. No word yet if it will be a theatrical release or direct to video.


Camino Flamenco - Starring Patrick Swazye, Monica Cruz and Tim Abell. Jack Garabaldi. (Patrick Swayze) returns to Andalusia to find out why his father left and to find a place to belong. Tim plays if Friend Cmdr Scotty Houston. Filming begins on this movie in September in Spain. Yes we get to see Tim dance. Visit the website for more information.


New Fedex Commercial - Tim just finished a new commercial for Fedex. Some of you were lucky enough to see his last one with the renegade salad shooters. This one Tim is bouncing around in a car wearing a tux. So don't go into the kitchen for a snack during the commercials.


Celebrity shoot - August 3 in Los Angeles, honoring John Milius. The Academy award-winning writer is being honored for his dedication to shooting sports. Tim tries to participate in this event each year. If his schedule permits he will be there this year.


New Auction - That's right I'm crazy enough to do it again. Tim has agreed to clean out his closets but was wondering what things people would be interested in acquiring of his. Tim has wardrobe from both seasons of SOF so watch the episodes again and pick some favorites. It's not like you need an excuse to watch them again. Send requests to



An Interview

We have Kate and Rae to thank for this interview. The met Tim in Lithuanian while he was filming Special Forces.

Special Forces Interview



Rogue's Gallery