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Whatís New

We Were Soldiers- Will be in theatres starting March 1st. The previews look incredible! Donít forget Timís character is Major Grayson Army Intelligence. Canít wait to see Tim on the big screen!

Raptor & Hybrid Ė Both of these movies are now available on DVD. Hybrid is one of Timís earlier movies. Raptor is a more recent one and all Tim would say was he had fun doing it, even if the wasnít so good ;-)

USO Gala Ė March 8 in Newport News, Va. Tim along with Real, Melinda, Harry, David and Marshall will be attending this black tie affair. The Commander of one of the ships who is a big SOF fan invited them all.

New Manager Ė Tim has a new manager. The old address for sending Tim stuff in the mail is no longer being used. Here is the new address:

Tim Abell

c/o Melanie Greene Mngt

Penthouse 1

Los Angeles CA, 90069

New Messsage Board - Thanks to V we have a new one. The other one seems to have died. Until I can find a new one V has graciously offered us space over at the SOF forum page. Here's the URL

A Review

Murder, She Wrote Ė Last Free Man

This was a made for TV movie. CBS resurrected one of their favorite characters, Jessica Fletcher for this movie. It was a typical Murder, She Wrote movie with Jessica having to solve a murder. Except this one had a twist. The murder occurred just prior to the Civil War. Jessica finds out that her ancestor, Sarah McCullough, owned the black slave that was murdered.

The transition between the present and the past was well done. As Jessica reads old diaries they would switch to the antebellum south of Sarahís time. Angela Landsbury pulls double duty playing both Jessica and Sarah. Timís character of Jeb Bucknell shows up in the 1800ís time period. He is playing a young southern gentleman who is a recent graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. He comes home to find his girl has agreed to marry another man. Needless to say he wasnít happy about it. Jeb is bitter and angry and he takes it out on Samuel Pinckney, the slave owned by Sarah. This sets the stage for you to think that Timís character is the murderer. The movie progress with Jessica pulling together clues from old diaries and newspapers until she solves the mystery. I wonít spoil it by telling who the murderer is, just in case you havenít seen it yet.

Tim was wonderful as the very southern Jeb Bucknell. He was able to do a very convincing Virginia accent considering he grew up in Manassas Va. Tim also portrayed Jeb as the typical southern aristocrat of the 1800ís south. Jeb is a product of his environment. He believes the south can only survive if slavery is allowed to continue. Tim very convincingly brought to life Jebís contempt for the way Sarah treated Samuel Pinckney. He believed she was too easy on her slaves. The costumes were also well done. Tim looked dashing in the VMI uniform from the Civil War.

Overall this was an enjoyable movie. The Murder, She Wrote series isnít Agatha Christy but it does make for good fun.

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