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We Were Soldiers Once…and Young – Starring Mel Gibson, Sam Elliot, Barry Pepper, Barry Walsh, Greg Kinear. Madelene Stowe and Tim. Tim plays Major Grayson an Army Intel officer. This is a true story about the 7th cavalry in the Ia Drang Valley Vietnam. Release date Dec. 25th 2001 in theaters near you.

Raptor – Tim’s dinosaur movie, which was, called Earthshaker. No other information on this one.

Instinct to Kill – Also known as The Perfect Husband. Last news was it would be on cable this fall.

Dead Simple – Also know as Viva Los Nowhere. Released on DVD and VHS at the end of August.

A Review

Illicit Dreams 2 – Death & Desire in the USA

By Katootje

This is an older film off Tim’s. But this is not a bad one! This one has a story! Yes it’s a thin one but none the less a story! Let me take you on a little trip….

This movie is about a widower named Jeff Reed (Tim Abell). This Jeff is a successful photographer and one-day he gets an offer he can not refuse! The offer is made by a beautiful blond lady (If you go for the silicon balloons) named Lynn Barrett. She seems not interested, but soon they have diner. Not long after that, her true nature comes out and Jeff gets bombarded with phone calls. Jeff feels a bit strange under this kind off attention and is trying to make her understand that there is nothing more then a one-night stand. She is reluctant and even hires a private detective to make sure Jeff is not cheating on her. The PI finds nothing incriminating, but Lynn is not convinced. Her insanity is coming out as she even attacks Jeff’s assistant and trashes the photo studio. The police are not convinced as Jeff and his agent are pointing toward Lynn. She plays it cool and tells the detective (where did I see that man before?) it is Jeff who is stalking her! Stan, Jeff’s friend and agent decides to look more closely at Lynn Barrett’s past. Before he can tell Jeff what he found out, he gets killed.

The police are calling as the electricity in Jeff’s house gets cut off. Lynn shows up in his house, still wearing the wig she wore while she killed Stan. They fight and the police come racing.

Lynn stabs Jeff in the back and waits. The detective comes in and Jeff tells him, Lynn is around with a knife. She kills him before he can draw his gun. With that gun, Jeff kills Lynn.

The nightmare is over. And thank goodness the movie! Tim did a great job, without a doubt.

Some how I keep waiting for him to pull a Glock out and tell the bitch, "Take a hint lady!"

The story is thin and it has a very high, where did I see that before factor. The actress that played Lynn Barrett, Tane McClure did a great job off annoying me. The character she played is a hysteric and she did that very well.

Jeff was a good one! Off course I know you’re thinking, "our" hero plays him, but like I said before, he could use more UMPHF! More then that he plays the boyfriend from heaven, wine and dinner, having a job! Where was he when I was looking for a date?

Was it a total loss of money? No, I liked it. Off course he made better pictures but this is not bad. I saw Fugitive Rage before this one and was laughing from start to finish. Not during this one! Which even surprised me. The only thing I liked about Fugitive Rage was the fact that Tim plays his character very well like he does in this one.


This film is very good for having a few female friends over and having a slumber party!

Tim, well done with what you had to work with, I'm still finding more on your acting ability!

Can’t wait to see more off that in better movies.

SOF Quiz


1. In the very first episode, apart from Matt Shepherd, one other member of
the SOF team uses the words "Everyone comes home"? Who was it? One other member of the team uses the phrase "Everyone goes home". Who was that?

2. In Season 2 it was Benny Ray who kicked hell out of the trash cans in
"Tethered Goat", but which character did it in Season 1? Name the actor who played that character.

3. In "Deja Vu", each member of the team bought Matt a present in hospital.
What did each team member bring?

4. In the episode where Margo got shot in Berlin both she and the contact she was supposed to meet in the amusement park carried identical plastic carrier bags. What was the writing on the carrier bags?

5. What was the name of the bar/restaurant Trout went to find Drummer in?

6. What rank did Nurse Grace hold?

7. In "Tethered Goat" Benny Ray buys Billy a new hockey stick. What is the
make of the hockey stick? What was the name of the ship where Billy was held?

8. In the very first episode, when the team are playing football on the
beach, who scores the touchdown?

9. Also in the very first episode what two excuses does Benny Ray give to
Margo for rejecting the first two rifles that she provides for him?

10. In the episode where the team blow up Tony Todd's diamond mine, how many blocks of explosive does Margo use to bring down the mine?

11. In the first episode of Season 2 Benny Ray takes out a surveillance
camera by shooting a mixture of two ingredients at the lens to make it look
as though a bird had shit on it. What were the two ingredients?

12. In the Season 2 episode "Critical List" what color does Nick pee?

13. When Benny Ray is talking to Dr. Newman he tells her that he was last in hospital for any length of time when he was thrown from his Granddaddy's mare. What injuries did he suffer to keep him in hospital?

14. According to the press releases at the time, when Matt first recruited
Benny Ray he was supposedly sitting cross-legged by the side of the Big Dog doing what? 15. What is the name of CJ's brother?

16. To what was CJ referring when he said "not just a game, more a way of

17. In the episode "Broken Play" what did Matt not want Debbie to do for him?

18. In the episode where we first meet Nick, what is the fake tattoo that he
has on his right arm?

19. When the team are captured in Grande Comore, what two foods does Benny Ray refer to?

20.In the episode where the guys go after three Russian Terrorists, in Season
2, can you name the two dogs that Deke brings to help in the search
. _____________________________________________________________________________________

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