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Tammy & Robert are Proud to announce the arrival of their darling little girl...

Kyleigh Amber

Kyleigh's Birthday

Due Date...November 22, 2001 (Thanksgiving Day)
Born on...November 18, 2001
Time...7:49 A.M.
Weight...7 pounds 4.3 ounces
Length...19 1/2 inches
Length of Labor...1 1/2 hours
Birth...Natural...No Pain Relievers...OUCH
Delivered By...Dr. Pam Sullivan
Witnesses To The Birth...Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma H.
Delievered At...St. Joseph West in Lake St. Louis

Kyleigh's First Pictures

This area contains many different photos of our baby girl!. To see them, click on the picture.

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We lost our previous guestbook from when they went out of buisness. So we have added a new one, if you have been here before and have signed the guestbook, please sigh the new one. It would be greatly apreciated. Thank you.

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*On her 1st birthday, this site will be saved on cd and put into her baby book,
so when she gets older she will be able to look back and see what we created for her along
with all the messages and wishes from family and friends in her guestbook.
So please feel free to sign it for her.*

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