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Patterns and Colors of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cats come in the following three traditional patterns. We produce kittens in all three of these patterns:


Point colored mask, ears, feet, nose, paw pads and tail. Has the pattern of a siamese. Colorpoint Ragdolls have as no white markings.


Point colored mask, ears and legs with white mittens on the front legs and white boots on the back legs. They also have a white chin, chest and underbody.


Point colored ears and tail. White inverted V extending downwards covering the nose and chin. The legs and complete underbody are white and sometimes there is an asymmetrical area of white on the shoulders or back.


Ragdoll Cats come in the following traditional colors:


Seal Point

Body color may vary from fawn to warm brown. Nose leather and footpads are dark brown.

Blue Point

Body color is ivory. Nose leather and paw pads are dark blue-gray.

Chocolate Point

Body color is ivory. Point color is slightly lighter than the color of a milk chocolate bar.

Lilac Point

Body color is milk white. Nose leather has a lilac hue and paw pads are coral pink.


New Patterns and Colors of Ragdoll Cats:

Lynx Point

Overlays any one of the above patterns. Ticking or striping appears on all the pointed area except the back or saddle Lynx pattern comes in all colors and patterns.

Tortie Point

Overlays any of the above patterns. Tortoiseshell pattern appears on all the pointed areas. Colors generally are Red or Cream mixed with one of the other colors

Red Point (new color)

Cream Point (new color)


We currently do not produce kittens in the new patterns and colors