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South Sydney Rabbitohs are back! Looking for the words to our victory song, the song itself etc? Well here it is! We can now say, after nearly 2 1/2 years, there is always next or lose Rabbitoh supporters will always be there supporting thier team.

My name is Kim and I wanted to complement my husband's Souths pages by providing an actual site where you can find various South Sydney Rabbitoh related downloads. Some are our own whilst others are those I, and others, have collected whilst surfing the Net!

Please note:- My pages are best viewed with Internet Explorer 4 or above and at a minimum resolution display of 800 x 600 but optimum is 1024 x 768 otherwise some images / applets may require scrolling left and right. Maximise your browser and welcome!

NEWS BREAK.....6/7/2001 WE'RE BACK! South Sydney Rabbitoh's Never forget what happened to us BUT it is now time to enjoy the footy once again - Win or Lose, we are back!

Links to more of our pages:-

Over 400 photos & collectables on this site - a history from Souths expulsion 15th October 1999 to now!
(used to be the Boycott Page)
Great for the kids. My daughters pages on Tweety, Rugrats etc etc.

See links section further down also!

Welcome back Souths!

Turn music off here!
But why would you want to? Glory, Glory to South Sydney!

<bgsound src="glory_glory_to_South_Sydney.mid" BGCOLOR="lightgreen"> <FONT SIZE=2><BR> <B>Turn music off here!<BR> But why would you want to? Glory, Glory to South Sydney!</b><BR>

Counting since
1st May 2002!


Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

You must solemnly swear to make a donation to the South Sydney Leagues Club and / or attend their matches if you download a file! Why not join the leagues and football clubs too?

You can download them by RIGHT mouse clicking on the links below and selecting save / save as (or something similar if you are using a differnet browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer).

  • Full MP3 of the original version of Glory, Glory To South Sydney! (NB file is 3.34 megabytes)

  • Ever been curious as to the original tune that our victory song came from (amongst other sport teams eg Manchester United soccer in England)? Well it is called Battle Hymn Of The Republic and that is what you generally search for when downloading tones for your mobiles. (NB file is 4.73 megabytes)

  • Want a copy of the midi file playing in the background? "glory_glory_to_South_Sydney.mid" (NB file is only 26 kilobytes)

  • Want a shorter 16 second .wav file (made from the full MP3) which you can set up on your PC to play on start-up? "glory-glory-to-south-sydney2.wav" (NB file is 371 kilobytes)

  • Just want a text file of the traditional words to our victory song, Glory, Glory to South Sydney? Then CLICK HERE! TO VIEW, RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE (NB file is only 1 kilobyte)

  • For a better laid out printable page (with heading, colour and Rabbitoh logo) of the traditional words then get this Word Format version (NB file is 1.24 megabytes)

  • During the fight-back we adopted the very popular Alan Caswell's humorous, but appropriate, new words to our victory song. Here is the text file! Click to view, right click to save. (NB file is only 2 kilobytes)

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?

Why Not Download Souths Victory Song?


Just right mouse click on the items and select "save picture as" or "save target as".....(or whatever you normally do with your version of Internet Browser you are using)

South's minature animated icon

NRL's 2002 South Sydney Rabbitoh's Screen Saver Once downloaded simply double click on the file, souths-nrl-screensaver-2002.exe, to install it. Note file is 992 Kilobytes (just under 1 meg).


Want to join the Campbelltown supporters' based group?

Simply phone Vi or Norm Cook on 9829 1726 or 0411 481100 or e-mail for further details.

All Rabbitoh supporters welcome to our monthly get-to-gethers:-

The group meets the first Friday 7pm every month at Campbelltown's R.S.L Bistro for a get-to-gether and meal or just drinks if you want (unless it is a Footy night when we'll hopefully see you the following month!) All South's supporters welcome. It may also be a good idea to become a member of the club and the fees are only $4 for 12 months or $10 for 3 years. (Please check with the club to make sure these have not changed). Just fill out a form and take to the Club with I.D and if you don't have a nominee the club will arrange one. Don't have a form then I am sure if you send us an email it can be scanned and sent to you via email! The Club also has FREE (for members) fully secured car parking in the council car-park opposite - just get a voucher from the club's foyer.

Please click here to e-mail me with your support / comments on Rugby League, especially the mighty Rabbitohs!

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John's RABBITOH'S PHOTOS / COLLECTABLES SITE (in excess of 400 photos etc)
TO John's OTHER SOUTHS PAGE! (used to be the Boycott Page)

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