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I have been asked one the past years and numerous inquiries to my website with questions about Soulmates, Twin Soul/flame and karma connections, also how do to determine the difference between soulmates and Twinflames.

I'm currently writing my first book about these Soulmate and twinflame Connections, with facts and situations of actual soulmate and twinflame connections in all my research over the past 10 years,  I always find it fascinating with soulmate and twin soul connection I meet, with my research I have not been able to complete my book because of other factors that need to be looked, how get thru a spiritual confliction when there is negativity present and when there is a few coming from one person causing a soul confliction that one is the runner and one to be the chaser, also how to get through a situation when there is so many obstacles and years of hurt and negativity causing pain with soulmates and twinflames connecting.


Soulmates is a word that has been really overused and not clearly understood, some believe, that we have only one soulmate, that we need to search for our entire lives.

Everyone must first decide these factors for themselves, we all have free will.  We will meet so many different types soulmates in this currant lifetime.

This doesn't mean we are all meant to be life partners, although this is a personal choice.

The relationship is all about spiritual growth and synchronicities that enable our growth on deeper spiritual levels, remember that there is twin flames and soulmates, also karmic energies, all os these soulmates are meaningful relationships and will teach us to grow in different ways.


The journey for finding our true love and for the perfect soulmate is the real challenge, we may sometimes want to believe the currant relationship is the ultimate deep connection, often sometimes analyzing the relationship and wanting it to be something more, this is where a psychic clairvoyant reading can help provide clarity to this confusion.

There are different types of soulmate relationships: twin flames (twin soul), Companion Soulmates, True Soulmates and karmic connections (past lives).


All relate to the same category of the word Soulmates, all are spiritually equal, but hold something a little different for everyone.


Twinflame connections were together in the beginning and share a deep unique destiny together, Twin flames are like identical twins born of the same egg.

This would be from the same spiritual base, this is a little different than other soulmates,


Similar to when real twins are separated at birth and find each other many years later then discover they have the same food taste, the way of smiling and the same tastes cultures, Twin flames are born of the same spirit, they unite physically in a 3rd Dimension. Your twin flame is the other half of you, mirroring your self in so many ways.

Most Twinflames spend some lifetimes together usually apart, their soul tie is eternal, there is always a magnetic force connecting them.

Yes it may sound like a beautiful couple made in heaven relationship, there is also a thin line with twinflame connections, as perfect as a relationship can be, this can also be a total opposite, there is an intense energy sometimes associated with drama and negativity.

Spiritually when you enter in a life time, you will decide is you want to reunite with your Twinflame, you will prepare yourself all your life to reunite with your twin flame, it is not a curse but a privilege to reunite with your Twin Flame, and  a 50/50 ratio that you will meet your twinflame.

You will to learn to love deeper than you ever imagin and reuniting with your Twinflame, you need to be strong enough to giving all your heart and soul, there is a fear that anything can be shattered, feeling and experiencing pain as well as joy.
When Twin Flames reunite they become one, they are the mirror of the other, they will think alike, they have the same values and usually always share the same life experiences, the signs of a twinflame connection are endless, they can feel each other's spirit constantly and feel each other's pain.

If are able to be with your Twinflame, it will happen when you least expect it  by experiencing the energy before us by the universe, it is part of our destiny and karma.
There is book & movie written about soulmates and twinflames "What dreams may come" (staring Robin Williams) it was created based upon soulmate Twinflame/Twin soul connections.

(one of my favorite movies).

There is many lessons to be learn, Soulmates share deep feelings (positive or negative) in a romantic love relationship and a strong psychic bond, often go years with no, very little contact or communication, there is an area of mystery of why did my soulmate enter in my life, and hoping to reconnect some day. Soulmate readings can help with understanding the true path. With a clairvoyant psychic reading (using tarot cards and crystals) can reveal deeper into the purpose of your soulmate or twinflame, when they will or ever reunite in this currant lifetime or skip to the next, knowing the truth will help calm fears and anxiety.


Soulmate connections are a little different from twin flames, we only have one twin flame but we do have many Soulmates, some Soulmates can be life partners, friends, co-workers, family or anyone that influences your life in some way or another, making a deep soul impact in your life.


Companion Soulmates are most common of all soulmate spiritual connections,  these soulmate relationships are there when you need them most. They tend to be harmonious and peaceful, but not nearly as intense as the Twinflame, They  can accomplish goals as life partnership relationships, there can also be negativity or a spiritual confliction, nothing will separate this soulmate connection they are always connected and feel that need to be in each other's life, they also closely resemble, some may mistaken a twinflame connection.


The Twin Flame connection relationship is based on romantic love where Soulmates can live for many years together as a wonderful and beautiful relationship then suddenly separate or divorce but always remaining friends, twinflames can't be friends, it's all or nothing type of a relationship. Then there are the types of soulmates who come together for a reason, making some type of impact on a person's life.

Keep in in mind not all love relationships are Twinflames or soulmates, sometimes there is a karmic tie present from a past life and this can make the strongest impact of all, there is the the feeling of unfinished business with a person and it has not been completed and there will be the need to reconnect,  free and balancing of mutual karma  and a inadequacy of a past life relationship,

Karmic energy connection is deeply attached with a spiritual and soulmate meaning. We have karma to deal with, this doesn't mean that it negative karma, it can be positive karma as well, there are differences between both types Twinflames and Soulmates, understanding and recognizing the soulmate and twinflame signs can help to define your currant love relationship.


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  • Frequently asked Questions

    What is a soulmate love connection or Twinflame, do I have one?

    Yes we all have one, sometimes we are not meant to reunite with our twinflame but marry our soulmate and vice versa. There are different types of soulmates, twinflames, In believing that everything happens for a reason, knowing that soulmates come into our Lives to teach us a lesson.

    What is the difference between Twinflame and a Soulmate connection?

    Soulmate connection is the divine spiritual connection, Twinflame and Soulmate both share intense energies, Twinflame is the deeper energy of the soulmate connections, where Soulmate a quite powerful but long lasting connection, there are many types of Soulmates, twinflame is the explosion of energy, Soulmates are the generator energy, that's the real difference.

    How do I know if He or She is my twin flame?

    Your Twin flame is the other half of your spirit, sometimes your Twin flame will not in carnate at the same time as you do, but skip a lifetime. Other times, both you and your Twinflame will incarnate at the same time. When it does, usually that person will not be your ideal mate, they can be difficult to live with, you "other half" embodies almost everything you are and will reflect EVERYTHING you don't like about yourself. This isn't easy to live with, there can be total chaos between twinflames, you have to compromise and be very comfortable with your self for a twinflame connection to work. Some people mistake a Twinflame for their Soulmate. We all have a Twinflame, soulmates can get together and everything is perfect, Twin flame there is always chaos, one soul can be attached, there may be an age difference, far away locations, or the person has some emotional issues and is to afraid to let go.

    What happens when I find My Twin Flame?

    It will be a very direct bond with your twinflame, so deep, you canít let go of this connection even if you were never in a relationship or if He or She isn't single, the thoughts will be never ending and sometimes last for many years.

    Will my life  be total chaos and what can I do to prevent it?

    The twinflame love connection is extremely intense, you will feel what your twinflame is feeling even when apart. There can be positive or negative lifestyles, you will feel this emotion instantly. I know it sounds a little scary? It can actually be a very beautiful and traumatic experience when you are reunited with your twinflame, Some people will not know how to handle the twinflame connection and try block it, this would be called the runner, where the one who understands would be called the chaser, no matter how long the runner tries to run and block the twinflame connection, sooner or later the twinflame energy will reunite them, the Twin Flame is never a one sided relationship, the energy between the twinflames will always remain connected and will find themselves back to their Twinflame when the time is right, this all depends on everyone differently.

    When will it connect?

    Twinflames usually reunite up when you LEAST expect it. You can also find yourself feeling the the same symptoms of a  the soulmate connection,  it's a telepathic energy, holding and hugging each other is like being home for nourishment. Twinflames will always be reunited sooner or later when they are both on this planet.

    How do I ever find My Twinflame or Soulmate?

    Keep your soul senses clear and focused only on yourself. You can't spend every second of your time searching for your soulmate or Twinflame, it's not healthy to be waiting either. You are meeting soulmates throughout your lifetime and a twinflame will enter in your life when you least expect it, sometimes years, but when you do you will understand there is purpose and learning how to control your feelings and emotions if your twinflame is not connected to you as a relationship. Lessons may to be learned and things may have to happen for you and your twinflame to live in harmony. Every Soulmate or Twinflame relationship is different, you may have trouble with your twinflame and he or she may be the runner. There may be certain paths you must take with total understanding also reasons why he or she is with another and being the runner, running away from their one true twinflame. Finding out more with a Psychic Soulmate reading, will allow you to understand these reasons and help come to terms of this chaotic connection, also how to correct negative energy with Reiki treatments and crystal Chakra healings.

    What is a past life?

    There's a reason to help us grow spiritually, before were born in this world, our spirit is with God. and we are brought here to make our life choices and destiny for the life after, that when we cross over and many times after we may not have fulfilled what we were suppose to do, so we make the choice to come back into the world again to correct our mistakes and learn from them, this is called an old soul. Life is all about learning and experiencing where we want to be when we cross over from the world into the Other Side, we will not want to come back if get it right. Life on this Earth isn't our Home, the afterlife is. If you ever experienced a feeling of DejaVu when you met your twinflame and knew that you felt like you have been in a certain place before, when you knew some one or had a deep conversation before you had it. You are reliving a life from an alternate universe and actually had that conversation

    What if my true soulmate isn't meant to enter into my life for ten years?

    Spiritually these things are linked, if you are drawn towards Soulmates, twinflame, spiritual energies and connections, it is because the time of reuniting with your soulmate or twinflame is getting close.

    What is the Karma connection?

    Karma connection, to put simply, is  actually a cause and effect or action and reaction. The spiritual influence of a past, present, future and how actions in a past life direct the conditions in your present life. Each lifetime we live with someone will shape our character and the future destiny in ways we seem to have little or no control over. You will find the past life connection will be just intense as a twinflame all sharing the same intensity and extreme energy, but can have separate lives always knowing there is something very special with their karmic flame. karmic soulmates usually reunite when twinflames are apart or never meet in the currant lifetime.

    What is a better relationship: soulmate, twin flame or Karma connection?

    It really isn't better having a relationship with you're twinflame or any other spiritual connection, your spirit knows what's best in a lifetime, all are never perfect, in fact equal when it comes to a love relationship, with a soulmate connection, they can have their ups and downs like any other love relationships, with the soulmate there is a deep bond that can never be broken, with a twin flame it's very intense, it can make a love relationship break and re-connect, sometimes many years later, with karma connections, you can feel the spiritual energy and want to help the other person with un-conditional love, they are content as long as that person is in a  happy life.

    What if there is a negativity with my true soulmate?

    It's very unpredictable, things always happen for a some reason, soulmates are sent everyday as messengers, just as you are being sent to certain people for a reason. You can't bring some one close to you if there is noplan for you above, you need to know how to deal and handle the connection and not to dominate you. By not focusing on the negativity from your Twinflame or soulmate, reversing it and not giving it power will allow the spiritual energy to reverse and balance the soulmate energy together.

    What is the spiritual reverse?

    When your soulmate or twinflame can't feel the energy you send, this brings the relationship into spiritual reverse, getting the runner out of his or her comfort zone will threaten his or hear heart and bring conformation and usually awakens the runner, remember all soulmate connections are 50/50, but it can actually reverse, that it's not you putting all this effort being the chaser and them the runner but actually reverse it can be he or she working the energy around the love relationship.

    Twin Flames are actually each otherís mirrors in a indirect way, they will have to both have to face their own issues and past traumas that may have been long buried that will now start to stir up on the surface. Twinflames will always help each other acquire the missing elements in both personalities which they each need in order to feel complete. Male Twinflames are usually the runners and emotionally blocked or unavailable with fears of being loved and giving into commitment. As with female Twinflames they were programmed growing up to believe that they need to take care and nurture a man to feel safe. Both need to be together for balance and perfect the traits of the opposite sex in each of them to break free from the hindering patterns and reach the wholeness with the complete spirit.

    The the most common Soulmate questions:

    Is he or she my Soulmate or Twin Flame?

    Did I meet my Twinflame in this currant life?

    Are there any  blockages or spiritual interferences that are keeping you apart?

    What spiritual or karmic energy issues need to be solved?

    Is he or she my true Soulmate or twinflame Connection? Are they feeling the same emotions?

    When will they be ready to reunite?

    What is the reason we separated?

    Is our faith a test?

    What lessons do we need to learned?

    How can I improve this Soul Connection to have a happy relationship?

    Learn more about your love relationship with a psychic love reading, it will not only tell you the soulmate signs to look for but a psychic reading will even confirm if you found your twin flame. You may have already met him or her in the past and a psychic love reading will tell you if he or she will come back into your life. If you are still in doubt that you found your Soulmate or Twinflame, then a psychic soulmate reading will verify the spiritual connection clearly and accurately. Psychic readings are definitely a big help if you are looking for answers with your Soulmate or twin flame.

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