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Aloha From Hawaii

United States of America

I was born and raised here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu

I've often wondered why it was important to study about the

United States. I lived in Hawaii, so why not study just Hawaiiana?

Well, that was a big mistake. It was so interesting to learn about how

important and why it IS important to know about your country that

you live in. I am a Hawaiian, but I am also a citizen of the United States

of America and I am proud to be an American

Living Free

Living in a land that is called the Land

of the Free, just what does that mean to

you and me?

It means....Waking in the morning whenever you want

and not be afraid of what goes on about.

It means....Walking or talking with family and friends

and not be afraid of watching what you say

It means.... Playing and having fun with your loved ones

and not be afraid of having them watched closely from beyond

It means.... Going to the grocery stores to pick and choose at your leisure

Instead of standing in lines and find out it's being doled out and measured

It means.... Having the shelter, a roof over your head, to keep dry and safe

and not dread, of where you are going to end up, where will be your next bed

It means.... Having the freedom to pray and to believe, in your own religion

Without punishment or persecution of your country's belief

Many others will have there own reasons

of what they feel Freedom is

But to me, Living in America

Land of the Free

It's the most wonderful and beautiful place

to be....

For united we stand

Divided we fall

And if our backs should ever be

against the wall

We'll be together, together U and I

Written By: Bernadette