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Robert Picardo:

  Last Updated: July 11, 2008

What's up next for Bob, you ask? Well, on this page, you can find out for yourself. Not only will I list the latest news and info regarding Bob's upcoming projects, but I will also offer insight as to what projects I believe he may possibly be involved in. Read on, and enjoy!
07/11/08: Nearly a year later, I'm back. :) Anyway, if you're reading this page you are most likely a big Robert Picardo fan already. As such, you probably already know that Bob is now a series regular on Stargate Atlantis. Beginning with the season five premiere – which airs tonight at 10pm on the Sci-Fi Channel – Picardo's Richard Woolsey character will join the Atlantis team. In fact, he'll be leading the team. In other words, Bob will be on the show much more frequently now, so if you haven't been watching, be sure to start tuning in tonight! Enjoy the show! :)
08/17/07: Yes, I'm still alive, folks. Things have been pretty busy... hey, wait a minute, this is the same exact spiel I gave LAST time. *sigh* Oh, well. I'm back now, so let's see what Bob's been up to recently. He just recently held a charity dinner and auction in Las Vegas. He has several new movies coming out: a drama entitled P.J., an independent, silent drama called Universal Signs, and a live-action Ben 10 TV movie, Race Against Time (for those not in the know, Ben 10 is an animated series). In addition, the 3D-animated special Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey (formerly known as 2004: A Light Knight's Odyssey) STILL hasn't been released, and it's now slated for release sometime in 2009 (its original release date? 2004). In the meantime, Bob continues to appear as Richard Woolsey on the Stargate shows and makes frequent appearances at conventions and so forth. To keep abreast of his various appearance, I suggest you regularly check out this page and this page. Have fun! :) "See you... out there!"
07/19/04: Yes, I'm still alive, folks. Things have been pretty busy around here, and I just haven't been able to update this site as much as I should. But since I'm here, I might as well comment on some of the recent events regarding Robert Picardo. First things first: the mourning process is over. Looney Tunes: Back in Action was a box office flop, earning only $20,991,364 on an $80,000,000 budget. The film is now available to own and rent on DVD and video. I, personally, have not pushed myself into seeing it yet (I know, shame on me) but I will see it eventually. Also, according to TrekToday, it appears that Brent Spiner's invitation to do a guest spot on the new Star Trek: Enterprise is strangely similar to a suggested Bob had given to Rick Berman earlier on. Despite this, Picardo kept his sense of humor on the issue. Bob also stated his future plans for the stage, which included appearing in the play Mame at the Hollywood Bowl (a single performance to be presented August 1st) and will also be starring in a new musical opening in Philadelphia this October which will be based on Gemini, a play he did in 1977. Click on the link above to learn more. Having been viewing Enterprise since it first aired (and greatly enjoying the recently-wrapped third season), I personally hope they do go with Bob's suggestion and bring him in to play an ancestor to Lewis Zimmerman, the creator of the Emergency Medical Hologram. It was be awesome to see him in a Star TreK role again. Come to think of it, it'll be great to see any of them on the show - just as long as their presence is well-explained (keep in mind, the show is a prequel). Well, that pretty much does it for now. I will try to update more often, but I can give you no guarantees or promises. Hell, I'm not even sure if anyone still goes to this site since my counter has gone offline. I hope someone is still reading this, though. To get a quicker heads-up to news regarding Bob and to read about events which passed in my absence that are not covered here (many, many of them!), head over to the News and Features section of the official Robert Picardo web site. Until next time, everyone take care, and I'll see you.... out there!
11/13/2003: Tomorrow is the big day, folks! Looney Tunes: Back in Action, which features Robert Picardo in a small but no doubt memorable role, finally opens in theaters. The film is directed by Joe Dante, who directed Picardo in such contemporary classics as The Howling, Innerspace, and Gremlins 2: The New Batch, and stars Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), Jenna Elfman ("Dharma & Greg"), Steve Martin (Bringing Down the House), and, of course, the Looney Tunes, composed of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc. So go on and see it; it should please.
9/25/2003: According to TrekToday and the film's official site, Illegal Alien - which will feature Bob with fellow Trek alums Walter Koenig and John de Lancie - is set to begin filming in October 2003 for an April 2004 release date, apparently direct-to-video (Koenig also wrote the film and will serve as executive producer). You might want to keep an eye out for that... if you can't wait until next year to see Bob, fear not. This Sunday, he will be featured as a guest-star in the premiere episode of the NBC series "The Lyon's Den." In fact, he'll be appearing in several episodes of the show, since his character of Detective Nick Traub is a recurring one. The show starts at 10PM EST/9PM Central every Sunday night on NBC. Lastly, Bob was nominated for an Ovation Award in the category of Featured Actor in a Musical for his performance in the stage production of "On the Twentieth Century." Congratulations, Bob! I hope you win it! :)
8/28/2003: I got an update for you on Bob's film Until Morning, straight from the film's writer/director, Roger Nehls. According to Mr. Nehls, Until Morning will be "screening Friday Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. in Los Angeles at the Raleigh Studios as part of New York International Independent Film & Video Festival." For all of you Picardo-fans living near LA or able to get there for the festival, I envy you. Many thanks to Mr. Nehls for the update! :)
8/7/2003: I've got some big news for you fellow Picardo fans out there: Bob's film Until Morning, which he filmed around two years ago, will be screening at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles, California, according to the films writer/director, Roger Nehls. The festival runs from September 18th-28th, and the film will be screened sometime between those two dates. The film also stars Kate McNeil (Monkey Shines, Sudden Death), Adrian Zmed (Grease 2, Bachelor Party) and Daniel Spink (the American Pie films, the upcoming The Butterfly Effect). This is definately not one to miss, if you are able to make it (which, sadly, I am not). I will inform you all when/if I get an exact screening date for the film. Special thanks to Mr. Nehl for the info!
7/9/2003: According to TrekToday, Bob and former "Voyager" co-star Robert Duncan McNeill (lt. j.g. Tom Paris) are developing a premise for a new telelvision series. No other details are known, but I'll be sure to let you know when they are.
7/6/2003: Set your VCRs, folks, because our pal Bob has a special guest appearance in the season premiere of "The Dead Zone" tonight at 10:00PM (9:00PM central time) on the USA network. Picardo and actress Jane Lynch portray a humorous married couple (Picardo's character is named Mitch McMurtry) who have a chance encounter with their hero, central character John Smith (Anthony Michael Hall). The episode will definately be a must-see for Picardo-fans. Don't miss it!
5/28/2003: Well, according to his official site, "The Dead Zone" won't be the only show Bob will be guest-starring in. In late summer, he will appear in the "Heroes, Part Two" episode of "Stargate SG-1," which airs on the Sci-Fi Channel. Then, Bob will guest-star in the premiere episode of NBC's "The Lyon's Den," starring Rob Lowe and set to air Sunday nights; neither episodes, however, have an exact airdate as of yet. I will deliver that to ya'll when I learn it. Ok, I'm out...
5/24/2003: According to TrekToday, Robert Picardo will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of "The Dead Zone," entitled "The Storm." While the show's third season begins on Sunday, July 6th on the USA network, it is not known when Bob's episode will air (it's possible it may be the first episode of the new season). When I get an exact date, I'll let ya'll know. I also still have to learn the airdate for that "Sabrina" episode mentioned in the last update...if it hasn't aired already, that is...
4/24/2003: I'm still here, everybody! I didn't abandon ya'll! I know I haven't updated in...oh...3 months, but there are quite a few reasons for that, ones that I won't go into discussing. The latest bit of Bob Picardo news I received is that he'll be guest-starring on an episode of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." The air date for the episode is currently unknown - heck, it may have already shown - but I'll try to post it when I learn it. In the meantime, Looney Tunes: Back in Action is still scheduled for a November 14th release date (going against Russell Crowe's seafaring adventure entitled Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World). Anywho, that's all she wrote for now...I'll try to update more often...but no promises. Later!
1/3/2003: Hiya, folks! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I know I did. :) Anyway, I don't really have any updates for ya (sorry!), but I do have some info from Coming Soon that claims that the official site for Bob's next film, "Looney Tunes: Back in Action," will be placed as a part of the official "Looney Tunes" site at Just thought you might wanna know for future reference; I will, of course, tell you when the movie part of the site actually goes online. ;)
12/13/2002: "Star Trek Nemesis" opened in theaters today, and, I have to tell you, this movie kicked some serious butt! GO SEE IT! While this has nothing to do with Robert Picardo (besides the fact that he was on another incarnation of the "Star Trek" franchise - namely, "Voyager" - and the fact that his former co-star from that show, Kate Mulgrew, puts in a small appearance as Admiral Kathryn Janeway), I just thought I'd let you know what a cool movie this was, and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Go see it! NOW!!!!
11/22/2002: From E. Cristy Ruteshouser comes news that Bob will be appearing in another stage production called "On the Twentieth Century," which will run from January 21st through February 2nd at UCLA's Freud Playhouse in Los Angeles, California. According to the message, "On the Twentieth Century" was a Broadway hit in 1978. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near L.A., but those who are, however, will be blessed with the appearance of one of the finest actors of all time. Break a leg, Bob! Not literally, now.....
10/30/2002: As promised, here's the lowdown on the episode of "The Practice" which guest-stars Robert Picardo. Bob's episode - entitled "Neighboring Species" - has been rescheduled for Sunday, November 3, 2002 at 10PM EST. Let's hope ABC sticks to this schedule, eh? Thanks once again to E. Cristy Ruteshouser for the update!
10/28/2002: As I'm sure all fans of Mr. Picardo realized last night, Bob was, to great disapointment, nowhere to be seen on last night's episode of "The Practice." Evidently, ABC decided to go behind everyone's back and reschedule the episode for a later date. But, don't worry folks; once I get the info, I'll let you know when his episode airs. (Read below for earlier details on the episode.)
10/27/2002: I don't have any updates today; I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOB! And many more!!!
10/14/2002: There are two major events coming up on the same day that every fan of Robert Picardo should know about. Direct from Cristy Ruteshouser comes the news that Bob's episode of "The Practice" will be airing on Sunday, October 27th, 2002 at 10:00PM. The episode is titled "Neighboring Species," and guest-stars Bob as a stem cell researcher named Dr. Edmunds. Make sure to set your VCRs, folks!
The other big event occuring on October 27th which calls for celebration is - mark your calendars, folks - BOB'S BIRTHDAY!!! Although there's still over two weeks time, I would like to wish Bob a very heartfelt happy birthday (and many, MANY more!!!).
10/4/2002: Well, looks like Warner Bros. is keeping the title "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" after all. Also, great comedians Joan Cusack and Steve Martin are also part of the cast, which will make the movie all the more enjoyable! And by the way, the film's been given an exact release date of November 14th of next year...a week after the third "Matrix" sequel, "Revolutions."
9/21/2002: It appears that the Looney Tunes film which is to co-star Robert Picardo has undergone a slight title change to the highly uninformative yet very traditional "Looney Tunes: The Movie." But expect that title to eventually change.
This next bit of info isn't news, but rather just my personal thoughts. First off, I'd like to discuss the company releasing the Looney Tunes movie - Warner Bros. As you may or may not know, Warner Bros. has been having a very bad year at the box office, second only to MGM (which itself has recently picked up a bit with the recent hit comedy "Barbershop," and will likely score again with the next James Bond film "Die Another Day," opening November 22), after the latter bombed out with such big-budget stinkers as "Windtalkers," "Rollerball," and "Hart's War." Warner Bros., on the other hand, has had its own share of misses over this past summer. While the awful "Scooby-Doo" flick, the decent "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood," and the excellent "Insomnia" became hits for the studio, other films such as "The Powerpuff Girls Movie," "Eight Legged Freaks," "Blood Work," "feardotcom," this month's "City by the Sea," and, of course, the mega-flop "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" all bit the dust. And, apparently, there are not much high-hopes for this weekend's "Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever," either. Fortunately, Warner Bros. may have a comeback soon thanks to its franchise films. On November 15, the studio's second Harry Potter flick, "The Chamber of Secrets," will be released and will undoubtedly become a hit like the last film. Afterward, on December 6, "Analyze That" (the sequel to the hit comedy "Analyze This"), starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal, will be released. Then, next year, of course, there are the much-anticipated "Matrix" sequels which will definately leave a few dents in the box office. Then, of course, there's the Looney Tunes movie, which (if done right) should attract toon-fans, old and new. These films will surely work WB out of their current slump.
Well, I guess I've taken up enough space for right now. I just wanted to point out WB's current status and promising future, and that the Looney Tunes film should be AT LEAST a moderate success. Anyway, the next time I write on this page, I promise it will only be news which directly involves Robert Picardo and his upcoming projects. Until then...that's all, folks!
9/10/2002: As basically everyone on the entire planet knows, tomorrow marks the one-year passing of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Therefore, before distributing today's news, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of those who were lost on that tragic day, and that they will always be remembered. Show your support for freedom by clicking on the ribbon icon under the top image of Robert Picardo on my main page.
Now for something on a far more pleasent note. Once again, E. Cristy Ruteshouser - manager of Bob's official site - has informed me of some great news regarding Bob. Rather than try to paraphrase it, however, I'll let you read E's notice as it was sent to me:
"... during the second week of October, Bob Picardo will don the Doctor's uniform once again (and shave off the beard he's currently sporting) to film his part for the "Star Trek" event that will be the "crown jewel" of the soon-to-be-built Bremen Space Center in Bremen, Germany. The Center should open sometime in the latter half of 2003 and will also feature a virtual roller coaster, a "Stargate SG-1" event, and other theme park-like attractions. The Doctor will be the host of the "Star Trek" event, which will feature surprise appearances by other famous "Star Trek" characters. Bob is "convinced that it's going to be a state-of-the-art event" and is excited about his participation."
I would love to see this event - could somebody send me some money for a trip to Germany? :) As E. pointed out in the same letter, it would be great if we could afford a trip to Germany to see Bob and the others in this event. But, hopefully, ther'll be some cool pics online covering the events. Hopefully. :) Special thanks to E. Cristy Ruteshouser!
9/5/2002: I have some excellent news for all you Picardo fans out there! Direct from E. Cristy Ruteshouser, manager of Bob's official site, comes the news that Bob will be filming two projects over the next two weeks! After filming a guest-starring role as a 'stem cell researcher' in the hit ABC TV series "The Practice," Bob will be appearing in Joe Dante's next feature film, "Looney Tunes: Back in Action!" It looks like I was right about this one! (See first news entry to see what I mean.) It is unknown what part Bob will play, nor is it known how large his role will be. (Here's hoping for AT LEAST 45 minutes of screen time!!!) Bob's episode of "The Practice" is scheduled to air shortly after the new season begins (I'll post the actual airdate when I receive it), and "Looney Tunes" is currently slated for a November 2003 release. Check back soon for more info!!! Special thanks to E. Cristy Ruteshouser!
8/27/2002: Set your VCRs, folks, 'cause this coming Saturday morning on the Sci-Fi Channel, the telefilm "Bates Motel" will be airing at 11:00AM EST. In case you don't know, Robert Picardo portrays the character of Dr. Goodman in this film, based on Alfred Hitchckock's acclaimed "Psycho." If you miss out, it's your loss...
8/26/2002: The audio version of Bob's own "The Hologram's Handbook" is now available for purchase from his official site at The master himself narrates, and even sings his own song, called "Song of Hologram." This is DEFINATELY one to own!
7/26/2002: posted (a while back, actually. Sorry!) an interview with original Star Trek series actor Walter Koenig as to what his future plans might be. It turns out ol' Chekov is writing a sci-fi feature film in which he will also be starring. But guess who else has been slated to appear with him? Huh? I'll give you two guesses. What? Did you say John de Lancie? Well, you'd be right - Q-boy is in the film, as well, but that's not the first actor who should have come to mind (no disrespect intended to the great DeLancie, of course). Anyway, our friend Bob Picardo is said to be in agreement to co-star with Koenig in the as-yet untitled film. Isn't that cool? Just do like Will Smith and nod ya head, 'cause the answer's definately YES!
7/24/2002: Let's start out the news and rumor section with a little guessing game as to what Bob's next film project will be. As you would know from reading the movie lists on the main page, Bob has worked with Joe Dante. A lot. That does not mean, of course, that every movie Mr. Dante makes from now on is gonna feature Mr. Picardo - but there's a pretty good chance of it. And I just happen to have info on not one, but TWO upcoming Joe Dante films. The first one has been in the works for a while, and since there has been no word that Bob is involved, it is unlikely that he is, but I'll tell you about it anyway. It's a 3-D movie called "Haunted Lighthouse," based on the R.L. Stein novel of the same name. The movie features Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Daveigh Chase (the voice of Lilo in "Lilo & Stitch") and 'Weird Al' Yankovic. It's due for release in 2003. Check out the film's official site here. Good luck trying to get into it, though. You need some kind of password. Heck, I haven't even gotten into it yet.
The second Joe Dante film is called "Looney Tunes: Back in Action." Yup, THOSE Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and all the others are returning to the big screen following their 'success' in "Space Jam." (Don't worry, this film isn't about sports.) The film stars Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman, and Heather Locklear and is also due for a 2003 release. To find out more, check out the info up at Coming Soon!
Here's hoping Bob will appear in at least one of these films. I'm a big fan of the Looney Tunes and having Bob in the film would be an added treat!
Then there are voice-over roles. He's already supplied his talented voice to the character of Blackhawk for THREE episodes of "Justice League." But there are still MANY more animated shows out there. I would love to it if Bob voiced a character in "Batman Beyond," "Dilbert," "The Simpsons," or "X-Men Evolution" (those are the only cartoons I actually watch, besides "Justice League," of course). But, with his recent guest-star spot in an episode of "Grim & Evil," it is possible he may go on to voice in another Cartoon Network series, such as "Courage the Cowardly Dog" or "The Powerpuff Girls." Of course, there's so many cartoons out there, it's hard to pin down just which ones he'll be heard on.
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