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Disney’s DuckTales

Series Credits: Volume 1

These credits were the same in all episodes contained within this volume, with only a few exceptions which are noted.



Produced by

Walt Disney Television Animation


Supervising Producer

Fred Wolf


Associate Producer

Tom Ruzicka


Art Director

Brad Landreth


Associate Art Director

Skip Morgan


Key Layout Stylists

Michael Peraza

Ed Ghertner

Ed Wexler


Storyboard Design

Elizabeth Chapman

Rich Chidlaw

Thom Enriquez

Steve Gordon

Jan Green

Chuck Harvey

Rob Laduca

Marty Murphy

Elyse Pastel

Hank Tucker

Monte Young


Key Background Styling

Paro Hozumi

Lisa Keene

Gary Eggleston


Color Key Styling

Debra Jorgensborg

Jill Stirdivant

Jan Cummings


Character Design

Ron Scholefield

Jill Colbert

Ed Gombert

Toby Shelton


Timing Directors

David Brain

Vincent Davis

Bob Zamboni


Dialogue Direction

Andrea Romano

(Ronano was not credited in “Robot Robbers”, “Hotel Strangeduck”, "Home Sweet Homer", or "Micro Ducks from Outer Space")


Track Reading

Skip Craig


Production Manager

Olivia Miner


Assistant Director

Randy Chaffee


Post Production Coordinator

Ken Tsumura


Production Assistants

Barbara Brysman

Krista Bunn

Jacaleen Veber

Luanne Wood

Judy Zook


“Duck Tales” Theme Composed by

Mark Mueller


Music Composed and Conducted by

Ron Jones


Additional Music by

Tom Chase and Steve Rucker


Animation Production by

Burbank Films (“Down & Out in Duckburg”)

TMS Entertainment, Inc. (all other episodes)


Distributed by

Buena Vista Television


© 1987 The Walt Disney Company

All Rights Reserved