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Welcome to Seasons, a digimon fan-page!! I'm Ayekastar or also know as Alice Masaki (Alice too)!! This site will be about my original digimon characters, mostly centering on renamon!! I create my own characters a lot and like many various animes/manga!! This page contains my own renamon characters and renamon owned by others, used with premission. I might make a fan-fic about them and probably a Doushiji/Manga with a story-line I've been thinking of. Well continue on with the rest of the site and I hope you enjoy!!

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Kiribian is 414!! ^^

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DISCLAIMER: Renamon and other digimon do not belong to me. The are proporty of Toei and Bandai. My characters however, such as Sakura, Drak and others belong to me. Any of the fan-art on this page belongs to those who submited it.