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Neart inár lamha, fírinne ar ár dteanga, glaine inár gcroí.

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Merry Meet!
This site was created for all the students in the Parkland School District (in Allentown, PA) with the goal of bringing together the Pagans in the Parkland schools and maybe even creating some times when we can meet to learn and talk. In order to achieve these goals, we really need people to join the Parkland Pagans E-group (link below). By joining the group, you meet other Pagans in the Parkland School District, you learn about activites in the area, and you get your opinion heard, so please join. We need to get more traffic on this site, so if you have a Pagan friend in Parkland, please direct them to this site. Just another note, if you wish to know when the site is updated but don't wish to get a lot of mail, you can sign up for the e-group and put it on special notes. There will only be special notes sent when there is a big update on the site, or something very important going on. Hope you enjoy your time here!
Silvercresent (Web Mistress)
Graewyn Windwood (Web Mistress)

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