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Hey!!!!! What's up??? I just wanna say hi to all my best friends who can see this!!!! (Kodak, Shila, AD, Jules, La Oiseux, Hyper, Tams, Ash, Sara, Nevy, Rami, Jess, Anime, and everyone else {sorry if i left your name out; tell me and i'll fix it!} You Guys all Rock!!!!!) My Favourite show is The Simpsons of course. I'm sure you all know that The Simpsons is the best show ever created. My favourite animal is a dolphin cause I like the ocean. I think astronomy rocks and I'm really good with chemistry, atoms, elements, and matter. I am good with the Periodic Table of Elements and Stellar Cartography. Anyway you probably don't care about that but I do so..... Well I hope you like my site and that you have fun, play some games, and sign my guestbook and have fun!!!

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