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The biggest and most complete part of this site is probably the transcripts and will probably still be that in a year or so.  That's what I do now and ya know, I just spent nine hours doing nothing but that, so I better type them when it's still fresh in my memory (every so often I tend to not be able to read my handwriting but that's besides the point). 

Because there are too many different things to transcript, I'll make different pages over here for the different games.  If you have any that you've   trancripted, just send them on over (e-mail me at and I'll thank you on my page (ooo, what a celebrity!!!).  OK,  one contributor so far...  Thank you to:


'Blaze'      Here's her site!!!



What a waste of free space, might as well put something here (Look down).


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And if you were wondering, yes, I do like Elvis.