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Well, not that this page as officially been deleted a few times by FrontPage, I will now make sure I have a word document that I can simply just copy and paste onto here.  I guess I'll get back to work on those hoedowns and other things.





Going Bald Hoedown

Brad, Drew, Colin, Ryan

Brad: I am losing my hair and it really is a pain,

I find out every morning when I see the shower drain,

But as you can see, it isn't quite for me,

But at least I'm not quite as bald as Colin Mochrie.


Drew: Oh man, took my rhyme. I was gonna do that, uh.

I have all my hair and I really am quite happy,

I like puttin' stuff in my hair, it makes me look real snappy,

I like to comb my hair, I never need a breather,

I'm real happy, I'm not Colin Mochrie either.


Colin: People always kid me 'cause I'm losing all my hair,

I can't really help it that I'm folicly impaired,

It really is quite horrible, but my life is not through,

I still get way more sex than either Brad or Drew.


Ryan: Losing all your hair isn't that bad of a deal,

A lot of women love, just the way it feels,

Just think of it as, just a little more face,

And you can rent it out as advertising space.


Ugly date Hoedown

Wayne, Drew, Colin, Ryan

Wayne: Let me tell you something, happened just the other day,

My date was so ugly, I almost ran away,

She was just horrific, where can I begin.

When that heifer was born, her momma should 'ave pushed her back in.


Drew: I met a girl at  a club, it was really dark,

Thought I'd take her home, just for a lark,

But when I saw her in the light I ran a mile,

'Cause she looked, just like Ryan Stiles.


Colin: I'm an ugly woman, yes it is not fair,

I have an ugly face, and I have no hair,

What can I do that's the way the  the pace went,

The only person who'll sleep with me is the President.


Ryan: I am so ugly, I'll never have a lover,

When I leave the house, all the dogs run for cover,

I'm big and white and round and my back is real hairy,

Yes, you guessed it, my name is Drew Carey.


Men Hoedown

Wayne, Chip, Colin, Ryan


Wayne: I got a message, to all of ya gals,

I'm a sensitive man, so why can't we be pals?

I know sometimes in the past I haven't treat you right,

That's why I'm taking hormones-boom-I'm a transvestite.


Chip: Men can be quite mean, men ban be quite bad,

I bet you had a boyfriend, I bet he was a cad,

I don't really like men myself, that I can tell,

But my friend Ryan here, he thinks they're swell.


Colin: I am a man, I love films with violence,

I love to watch them everyday, even when the don't make sense,

I saw this one with a guy with a gun, his shots would never miss ya,

Then he hit ya with a flower, he was Dirty Harry Krishna.


Ryan: Let me tell you all about men, I walk the walk,

I don't care what people say, just let them talk,

All the roomers going round, yeah they're kinda scary,

I guess I'm gonna have to stop the showering with Drew Carey.


First Kiss Hoedown

Wayne, Drew, Colin, Ryan


Wayne: When you get a kiss, you get a kiss in the mouth

I've been kissed lots of times from Florida, that's the south

My firs kiss, Brother it was the bomb

It wasn't from a girl in high school, it was from my mom


Drew: Well my first job was in  fast food don't you know

The hours were long and the pay was real low

My boss told me that he didn't like my sass

So my first kiss was a hearty "Kiss My ASS!"


Colin: My first kiss was something I won't forget

It was really lucious, boy it was wet

It really changed my life, I'll never be the same

Oh I wish I could remember the guy's name


Ryan: My first kiss happened when I was really drunk

But she wouldn't kiss me cause she said my breath stunk

When it came to that date I was really in a rut

I should run some strings from my mouth and out my butt

Drunk Mother Hoedown

Chip, Drew, Colin, Ryan


CHIP: I Knew Colin's mother, yes I must tell the truth

When she was nursing Colin, Her milk was 90 Proof

She wanted to kick the habit, she didn't know what to do

But if you baby looks like that then you'd be drinking too!


DREW: Let me tell you something that happened just to me

My mama started drinkin when I was just three

Now I shouldn't let the secret slip

But my mamma started drinking, when she married Chip!


COLIN: My mother drinks a lot, I know that isn't strange

But her behavior gets really strange

She acts as though she's from somewhere else maybe in like Venus

Oh by the way Chip has a little penis


RYAN: Oh man this hoedown is takin mighty long

I'm so sick of this bloody song!

Wayne sits there he gets to rest

His penis is large that's why he's behind the desk


(Newer) Family Renioun Hoedown

Brad, Chip, Colin, Ryan

Brad: Going to family reunions puts me in a funk

I hang out with my relatives and they all get drunk

You see my mom, in her childhood was bad

I go to the family reunions and try to find my dad


Drew: All this talk about relatives really makes me queasy

I don't like talking to 'bout my family it makes me a little uneasy

I have just one questions, can you help me please?

Am I adopted cause my family's all Chinese?


Colin: Family reunions are things that people hate

I personally think boy they're really great

I have a real good time, I know it sounds real sick

But I always go there, and I can pick up chicks


Ryan: I'll never see my family and that's just a hunch

As it turned out we weren't a very nice bunch!

Oh no we're bad we weren't any Hanson

I'll never see my family cause my name is Charlie Manson



Blind Date Hoedown

Wayne, Chip, Colin, Ryan


Wayne: You see something my dating life was bad

I opened up the newspaper and then I read an ad

The ad said it was great and so I did not blunder

I opened up the door and there was Stevie Wonder


Chip: Once I got a blind date, I really like to smile

He was very tall though, his name was Ryan Stiles

I went right on through it, the date was pretty rough

Sure it was a blind date, but I wasn't blind enough


Colin: I went on a blind date, her name was Lovely Kate

Everything was wonderful, boy it really was great

And what happen next I tell ya it was true

When I went and kissed her she went Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do!


Ryan: I met a girl one day, she said she really like me

Why she did I really couldn't see

She really was turned on, she gave me types clues

What really got her hot was all my fancy shoes