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I Won!!!! I'm a Beautiful Baby!

Hi everybody! Guess what! I won third place at the baby show at the Boyle County Fair on July July 12. It was lots of fun and I was sooo proud of my trophy. :-) I walked down the runway and smiled and waved at everybody and blew lots of kisses.

Daddy took lots of pictures with his new digital camera.Grandma been tring since July to get those pictures but they are sooooo big pictures that in email they won't load fully on webtv so Grandma tried to download them to an old computer hard drive then upload them to here so she can put on my web page to share with all our friends. But they are sooooo big Angelfire won't load them. Grandma doesn't know how to make them smaller size.

Finally Grandma just had to give up because just one picture made her mailbox go over the size limit. It made her webtv mailbox full so nobody could email her and made her yahoo mailbox go over the size limit so she would have to pay more money if she wanted to keep that picture of me with my baby show trophy. So I think grandma have to give up with this picture.Oh well

Daddy and mommy have that picture on a cd. If you like to see it you can email them at.....that's all I know to tell you. Grandma can't get that picture to share. Sorry about this. But Daddy gave Grandpa a camcoder and maybe sometimes Grandpa can use camcoder to take pictures of me growing up for the web pages.But digital pictures from Daddy's camera are too big for the web pages. So sorry.I will just write the web pages without those pictures.


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