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My Baby Sister, Jeslyn

Hi everybody! I'm a big sister now! My litle sister was born Sat Aug 22 at 8:21 am. She weighe 7 lbs 9 oz and is 22 inches long. She has coal black hair and olive skin and big blue eyes. She looks just like my Daddy. She can hear.Her name is Jeslyn Tazanna Godfrey

My sister is real pretty. I love her a lot.

I am sorry I can't put a picture here to share with everybody.My Daddy uses a digital camera. All of the pictures he takes now are too big for web pages. Grandma can't get them for you.If you want to see the pictures you will have to email mommy or daddy and ask them. They have pictures on a cd.Thier email address is
me and Grandma are not sure which addy Mommy and Daddy use the most so you can email them at any or all of these addys.

Mommy sent Grandma a smaller picture of my little sister to her yahoo mail but when Grandma tried to forward it to her webtv addy it woudn't show the picture. So Grandma just have to give up with those pictures unless Mommy or Daddy can find tme to send smaller pictures to the webtv address so Grandma can get a url to put them on our web page here.

I guess if you wanna see pictures of my little sister you have to email mommy or daddy to ask them.They do have cd of me and my little sister. Sorry I can't share anymore pictures on web page. All I can do is write the sories.


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