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Inky Is So Cute

E-mail message

From: (Ecila evol Lien)
Date: Sun, Dec 31, 2000, 11:28am (EDT-1)
Subject: Fwd: Inky is so cute

Hello everyone!! :-)
Just wanna to let you guys know it's me, Wishbone101 (Alice).. I am using my new email address here right now.. Please add my new email address here.. Smiles.. Then we could keep in touch and please keep in touch with my new email address.. my old email address will disconnect after Happy New Year.. Smiles.....

Guess what?? Neil and I got our cute baby kitten.. We call her Inky... Smiles.. Just look at that pix... She said "Go Away.... A Keyboard is MINE!"... LOL!!.. haha

Other good news.. I am engaged to Neil (Tazky93) last Xmas Eve... He made me very happy and everything surprised me big time.. He proposed me to marry him at Shoney's resturant right in front of people on xmas eve... I was very surprised.. He showed he is very serious about that.. and He truly love me that much.. I do love him so much!!... Smiles..   We will getting married on May 19th, 2001.... I am looking forward to the exciting times, having a family, living with him until we die!..Smiles.. You know We will vow in God's promise on May 19th, 2001.... Smiles..

I hope everything's alright with ya guys.. Have a happy new year!! Take Care... Hugz,
Alice and Neil
Have Many Smiles and Wink ;-)