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Hi's me....Alice

E-mail message

From: (Ecila evol Lien)
Date: Tue, Jan 2, 2001, 12:40pm (EDT-1)
Subject: Hi everyone, it's me, Alice

I am sending out the picture of me and Neil... Last xmas eve, Neil proposed me to marry him at Shoney's resturant... Now I am engaged to Neil..   We will getting married on May 19, 2001... I love him so much in my heart.. We both are very excited about wedding and stuff... Smiles!!! .. Here's a pix of us...   Cute Couple? huh?? hahaha!! LOL!! LOL!!!!...

So, how's everything doing with ya guys??

Take Care, smile..
Alice and Neil
Have Many Smiles and Wink ;-)

Crazy couple