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Is he cool guy??

Neil looks so happy that we finally date for a while..LOL!! LOL!!! Neil just stand outside and smoking with other friends... Since my apartment are non-smoking apt.... my apartment rule! lol... Everyone who is smoking, they have to go out.. Neil and others have to go out for smokin' time! lol!!!

I was just smilin'!

Neil took a picture of me at Joe's Crab restaurant.. I was just smiling at Neil! It was for my brother, Max's birthday surprise party...

Is Neil look so tired? huh?

Neil and I were going to different events for enjoyin' and fun that night, we were ready to going to his apartment for movie time to watch and relax! We was in Neil's cool truck and READY TO GO!

What a sunshine!

We were waiting in the line at Joe's Crab Restaurant... We were playin' arouind outside for fun.. hehehe.. lol!!!!

Ronnie, Neil, and Max

All these men are my roommates right now! :-)... they was standing beside Ohio River in Louisville, KY

What a beautiful sunset!

Neil and I was sitting together beside Ohio River! :-) What a romantic!

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