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Daniel and Neil (Best Friends)

They both moved here (KY) from Southwestern State.. My guy, Neil was coming from New Mexico, moved here to be with me since March 2000.. Daniel moved here from Arizona in May 1998... They loved KY!!!! YAY!!! lol!!! COME AND WELCOME TO KENTUCKY!

Daniel and his girlfriend, Nikki

On our last day of Neil and Alice's blind date, Neil have to go back his hometown in New Mexico.. We decided to walk around at waterfront park beside Ohio River and enjoyin' together.. Daniel was just sooo funny and clumsy with roller blades, Nikki helped him.. Cuz' he kept falling down! LOL!! LOL!!!!

We all playin' in water for fun!!!

Before Neil get on a plane, getting back home for New Mexico... We all was soaked wet.. Neil was soaked wet, rode home back!! lol!!! We had our blind date blast time on our 1999 halloween weekend! :-)


I AM GONNA OWE NEIL SOMEDAY TO GET HIM IN SOAKIN' WET! LOL!!! These waterfalls are at waterfront Louisville..

Grrr at Neil...

Because Neil got my clothes and my hair all wet before we goes to airplane place to drop Neil off for going back home!... I guess I started to missing Neil when he was ready to going back to New Mexico after our wonderful and fun blind date halloween weekend... :-)

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