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Neil was coming to Kentucky on October 27, 1999

To meet me for our blind date from internet that we first met each other on August 1999, we chit chat on internet, Neil seems falling in love with me in internet, he decided to get in a plane to come and meet me on our 1999 halloween blind date weekend.. We enjoyed our halloween blind date. That picture was taking city of Louisville lights when Neil was on a plane.. My friends, Daniel, Nikki, and I went to pick Neil up.. We arrived there little late... OOPS!! Neil was standing outside waiting for us.... I saw Neil waving and smiling, we introduced ourselves except for Daniel.. Neil and Daniel knows each other.. They both moved here from Southwestern State.. Daniel moved here from Arizona.. Neil moved here from New Mexico to be with me.. At airport place, He gave me very beautiful dozens of red roses, What next??? It's first time in my life, he kissed me at airport place that I don't know who.. He just went ahead, hugged and kissed me! I was so shocked.. It show he is so much interested in me! :-)

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