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Tree Topper

Santa rides in sleigh!!! Ho! Ho! :-)

Guess what???

Neil is very big fat santa!!!! LOL!! Because Alice is feeding Neil "Santa" Yummy Chocolate donuts!! Wanna some?? LOL!

smoke grill

Neil and my dad bought to share foods with us!
What??? Smoke grilled turkey and smoke grilled ham on our 2000 christmas day! Yummy xmas dinner!

Neil and Alice's baby Inky

Our kitten name is Inky... Guess what?? Look at the heart shape on Inky's hip.. Cool and cute? huh? I just found out about that heart shape on her hip last Friday! So cute... Neil's heart and Alice's heart touched and came true love!

Love Card is from Neil! :-)

He kept giving me these bonquet and dozens of beautiful roses every month on our sweetheart anniversary.. last January 12, 2001 is our 3 months sweetheart anniversary, he gave me 7th dozens of roses... is that sweet and romantic Neil is?? Of course, Neil is very romantic to me! :-) But It would be our first month of Engagement on January 24th.. :-)

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