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"Will you marry me?"

He said "Do you want to marry me?" in his ASL language.. COOL? huh? Guess what? I said.. Just look at next picture! :-)

I said "YES!"

I hugged and kissed him.. I am just so happy! It was our best special christmas eve that we ever had!

Neil put an engagement ring on my left finger

It was so beautiful ring that I ever saw! Neil picked himself without me know what it look like or whatever... He is real good at picking the engagement and wedding rings.. It was very beautiful..

Engagement ring on my left finger!

Neil said "Right size, WHEW!!" LOL!! LOL!!!..

Huggin' and happy time together!

We shared our smiling, crying, and laughin' together

Clapping time!

People congrats us for our engagement at Shoney's restaurant.. :-)


This is Neil's future family in law! It would coming up on May 19, 2001.. Our wedding will be on May 19, 2001! :-) We are looking forward to that happy of our lives!

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